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Dorm Room Musts for an Eco-Conscious Disney Princess

One thing a Disney princess always has on her side is the animal kingdom.  Whether you are like Cinderella who is besties with mice, or you are like Tiana who loves fireflies and frogs, treating animals and the environment with respect is a must.  When it comes to the planet, you want to be able to coexist with the environment while living the way you want. If you are heading to college for the first time or going back again, there are always items you need to buy for a dorm room or apartment.  To ensure what you are purchasing isn’t harmful to the planet, and is aligned with your Disney-loving spirit, look for these essentials to purchase next time you are shopping.

Enchanted Rose Tea Infuser- Beauty and the Beast (Disney Store)

Enchanted Rose Tea Infuser

Tea infusers are great to make a cup of tea with just the right amount of tea leaves.  Tea bags often come with plastic infused into the pouches, making them unable to be composted.  As these bags end up in the landfill, our planet suffers. To combat waste and to incorporate a little Disney in your mug, opt for this reusable Enchanted Rose Tea Infuser that is made from silicone.  Ditch the plastic and use the rose with your favorite loose tea leaves or fruit for a refreshing drink during a long study session. Plus, the stem hooks onto the side of your cup!

Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights (Amazon)

Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights

Rapunzel was able to find her parents because of a lantern, so clearly light has a special place in our hearts.  You may not be looking for your long lost family with this mason jar, but you are caring for the planet as this solar powered lantern features a rechargeable battery.  You can use this light as a decoration or as a lamp on your desk!

Over-the-Door Towel Bar (Target)

Over-the-Door Towel Bar

You may not have room in your living space to paint with all the colors of the wind, but you can use the air to naturally dry damp clothing and towels.  This saves you money if you are having to pay to do your own laundry as you won’t be using the dryer as much. You are also saving water because you aren’t washing clothes as frequently.

Small Milk Crate (Target)

Small Milk Crate

Storage space may be small in your dorm or apartment, so it’s important to keep things neat and out of the way.  With this wire milk crate made from metal, you can store all your thingamabobs inside. Then, place it under your bed or desk to keep it out of the way.

Zero Waste Starter Kit (Package Free Shop)

Zero Waste Starter Kit

This is the best thing for a Disney Princess to stop waste.  Although not Disney-themed, you will be saving Ariel from toxic ocean plastics.  This kit includes a stainless steel straw, mug, bamboo cutlery, a bamboo toothbrush, and a fabric bag to carry everything in.  When you aren’t eating in the cafeteria, this kit comes in handy in your room and on takeout night. You’ll skip using the plastic utensils that harm marine life.  Plus, the Package Free Shop ships these items to you with no waste generated in the process!

A Whole New World Pillow (Disney Store)

Aladdin Pillow

This pillow is sure going to turn your dorm room into a whole new world.  Its cotton cover allows it to be composted at the end of its life. It is stuffed with synthetic fibers and offers a zip closure.  Although it isn’t 100% eco-friendly, it is a good choice compared to polyester pillows. What can be better than an Aladdin pillow?

Rapunzel Water Bottle (Disney Store)

Rapunzel Bottle

Stainless Steel is one of the best materials you can have for a water bottle.  Not only does it recycle, but the quality of the steel doesn’t degrade. This 24 oz. water bottle is sure to keep you hydrated during study times or while you are in class.  The art on the bottle just makes it even better!!

Whether you have just earned your crown or are finding how you fit in as part of this world, every princess must be kind to animals and the environment to ensure you are true to your heart.  Make your dorm room friendly to the rest of the kingdom this back-to-school season!

Hello, I'm Melissa! My pronouns are they/them. I am passionate about conservation, zero waste living, corporate social responsibility, inclusive urban development and have interest in mental health and LGBTQ+ rights. I am a senior at UNC Charlotte studying Geography with a concentration in Urban & Regional Planning.
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