Coffee Shop Thoughts

The aroma of coffee beans, friends chattering throughout the small space, all directing your attention to your cup of happiness setting on the table. As you sip on your coffee you wonder what everyone else is thinking. You wonder if the barista's actually enjoy their job. Maybe you think about what the people walking by outside are up to. Coffee Shop Thoughts.

You lift up the warm mug to your lips knowing that it'll be a great day. Looking around at those next to you knowing they feel the same way.

There is an abounding amount of people in different coffee shops on the daily. There are countless conversations to be had, and countless in the making. Why is it that we all feel compelled to be at these coffee shops? What about them makes life so much more interesting? I'll never know.

Poetry, Fiction, Romance - books.

Latte, Mocha, Black - coffee.

Happy's, Sad's, Funny's - conversations.

Religion, Race, Sexuality - culture.

Lumineers, Hozier, Ray Lamontange - music.

Mornings, Afternoons, Nights - students.

The overwhelming sensations pulsing through your body leaves you in a euphoric state. Numb by the way coffee makes you feel.

Where to next?





No one knows.

Sometimes, you don't even know.

But for the moment you are secluded in the corner of that coffee shop, all is well. All is forgiven. All is good.

Coffee shops don't judge, they don't hate. They don't procrastinate or envy. Coffee shops don't leave you angry. They don't have expectations of you. You can just be yourself.

We all need to be more like Coffee Shops.