Charlotte Strong

Yesterday was the last day of classes- a relief for all students, and a victory for graduating seniors. This should not have been a time of fear, grief, and mourning. But, that’s exactly what it became after an active shooter came onto campus and took the lives of at least two students and injured four more. I will not go into details about the shooter or his purposes. In situations like this, it’s hard not to focus on who would commit such an atrocity. But as a community, we need to look toward the lives of those affected, on their wellness and toward the school and its safety.

To those affected, I empathize deeply and cannot begin to describe the compassion I have for you. Because they are yet to release the names of the victims, there is a fear within our city unlike anything I’ve ever felt. My thoughts are with the families in grief, as well as the families who are waiting for answers.

To the teachers, I am so grateful for the care you have for your students. I have received emails from all of my professors sharing compassion and love for us. Thank you for offering support. I hope you are able to one day recover from this; And I hope you are able to preserve your kindness and humanity.

To the students, I hope UNC Charlotte will return to the safe, welcoming community it was just days ago for you. I ask you to come together to get through this horrific event rather than dividing. This is not only an issue for the government, but more importantly, this is a problem for the people. We need to be resilient and be there for others who need our help and support.

UNC Charlotte is a school that cares deeply about its students. I knew this from the day I transferred here. I have never felt a greater sense of belonging than on this campus. Despite the devastating events of yesterday, the strength of Charlotte’s community makes me feel that this is something we will not just get through, but learn from.

Tonight, May 1st at 6:00 PM, there will be a candlelight vigil at the Star Quad. Please come to show support for the families, students, and school.