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Charlotte Artist Spotlight, Emily Sage

A goal I made for myself, after moving to North Carolina, was to try and find new experiences in Charlotte. I felt this would allow me to appreciate my new city, and maybe help me come out of my self-elected, introverted hibernation. One way I discovered the city was through music.

Local music can be a great way to get out into the community and experience up-and-coming artists. And Charlotte’s music scene is one of increasingly rapid growth. It seems there is always something wonderful just around the corner. One of these wonderful artists happens to be Emily Sage. Originally growing up in Portugal, she has been playing in Charlotte for the past few years, and building her presence here in the Queen City. She sings with a soft, melodic voice that reflects her poetic lyrics. Most of her music is romantic jazz and lullabies. As a fan of soft jazz, I was struck by how unique her music was. But to me, it harkened to Norah Jones, Etta James, and Sarah McLachlan, with emotional lyrics and romantic vocals. 

Emily Sage – Johua Anderson

One of my favorite songs, is “You Have My Heart,” featuring Stephen Day. Stephen Day, a Georgia native, has written songs such as, “If You Were The Rain,” which has had over 2 million streams on Spotify. Emily Sage has also collaborated with Greg Cox, an artist and producer here in Charlotte, on the single, “Find A Way,” and, “The Other Side.” 

Her discography includes the album “Endless,” featuring songs such as “Lady Darkness,” and “Close Your Eyes.” And her multiple singles, “Nearer To You,” and remixes of “Lady Darkness” and “Endless.”

When I first began listening to her, I was struck by how lovely and calming her music was, while still being engaged by the lyrics. Then, when I discovered that she was a local artist in Charlotte, I was so excited! I wouldn’t have to travel incredibly far to listen to fantastic music. You can often find her playing CLT Loft Session at Afterton Lofts in Charlotte. She will also be playing a show in Raleigh soon, so keep an eye out for new show dates. 

You can listen to her through Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube. And you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook for upcoming shows and tour dates.

Hi all! My name's Madison Traina and I'm Junior pursuing a degree in English and minoring in Children's Literature at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. I'm originally from Tampa, Florida, so I can surf, but badly. I love writing poetry, reading warning labels, and studying British Literature.
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