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The BEST Zero Waste Health & Beauty Products on Amazon

As climate change awareness is FINALLY becoming mainstream nowadays, hopefully you are looking for ways to curb your waste and emissions.  If you aren’t, not to worry because these simple swaps to your health and beauty routine will make a HUGE difference to our planet. Even the little things add up.

Meow Meow Tweet Lavender Deodorant

Meow Meow Tweet Products

Today was the first day I got to use this deodorant and I love it!!!  In the past, I tried out other natural deodorants like Schmitt’s and even a homemade one.  They did not go well, let me tell you. If you have sensitive skin, DO NOT use a deodorant made with baking soda.  My underarms tend to get burning and itching from baking soda based products. Instead, opt for this lavender cream instead!!  It’s really simple to use. Just apply a pea size amount under your arms and rub it on your skin. It isn’t messy and the container is 100% recyclable!!!  If you don’t have sensitive skin, Meow Meow Tweet does make other deodorant creams containing baking soda, so shop around a little!

Saalt Menstrual Cup

Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup

Okay, maybe I am just a sensitive person lol because I also recommend Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup to anyone!!  I had issues with the regular silicone cup, which you can read about here in a full review I made of the cup, so I know from experience that if you are a newbie to menstrual cups, go for the soft one!!  It reduces the need to CONSTANTLY change pads or tampons because this little cup can be worn for up to 12 hours!!! Plus, no waste :)

Van Der Hagen Safety Razor

Van Der Hagen Safety Razor

Who said safety razors were just for men??  Well, that person was definitely wrong! This safety razor is such a stylish and sleek accessory to your bathroom!  Who doesn’t love a minimalist design? It is really simple to use, just unscrew the bottom of the razor, insert your blade at the top, and screw it back up.  Now you are good to go! When your blade becomes dull after a while, simply insert the blade back into the blade case. When you are finished with all of them (five come in the pack), you can either ship the blades back to a company (research take back programs) or contact your local recycling facility for directions on where you can safely recycle the blades!

David’s Natural Toothpaste

David’s Natural Toothpaste

This may look like a plastic tube of toothpaste, but it is actually made of metal!  This toothpaste comes with a “key roller” that is placed at the bottom of the tube. You roll the key up and it squeezes all the toothpaste out!  Once you are done with the tube, you simply cut the tube open, rinse it, and recycle it. You’ll definitely want to try this toothpaste out. It left my teeth really white and it doesn’t taste gross.  You can purchase it in the following varieties: peppermint or peppermint + charcoal.

The planet will thank you once you use these items instead of ones destined for the landfill.  Say goodbye to disposable razors, toothpaste tubes, deodorant sticks, and feminine products. Say hello to simplicity and sustainability instead!!  Cut the toxicity out of your life once and for all!

Hello, I'm Melissa! My pronouns are they/them. I am passionate about conservation, zero waste living, corporate social responsibility, inclusive urban development and have interest in mental health and LGBTQ+ rights. I am a senior at UNC Charlotte studying Geography with a concentration in Urban & Regional Planning.
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