Be You, Be Bold, Be Confident

It seems as if everywhere I look I am reminded by billboards, commercials, magazines, and social media postings of what I am supposed to look like. The “ideal” images for today’s men and women are so specific that it’s frustrating. While I am aware of this issue, I’m still unable to call a truce with my inner self. Instead, I battle with myself everyday. I find myself standing in front of my mirror, with little clothing, tugging at my skin and positioning my body in the best stance in order to reassure myself that with a little work I can look like the “ideal” woman in no time.

With a little work.

I always find room for improvement. I never look in the mirror and feel truly satisfied with what I see.


When I go to the doctor, they tell me that my weight is where it needs to be based on my height. I am active, I work out regularly. I eat fairly well except for when I indulge on some ice cream here and there. But for the most part I am living a healthy lifestyle.

With spring break just a month away, myself and probably every other girl is searching for the perfect bathing suit to prance around in for their week at the beach. I have always loved Aerie’s bathing suit line, affordable and cute. But, as I was looking at their website I noticed something.

Their models are real and their models are just like me.

Their models are posing for these pictures confidently; cellulite, stretch marks, and not the “perfect” size 2 waist. And they look GOOD, they look CONFIDENT, they look HAPPY.

To all those girls who struggle with their body image just like me, these girls should be our idols. While the size 0 Victoria’s Secret models are undeniably beautiful, it’s okay to recognize that we too are beautiful. Imperfections and all. So before you post that highly edited picture of you on the beach this spring break, remind yourself of the Aerie models. Be you, be bold, and be confident in your own skin. Live AERIE REAL.