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9 Times We All Wanted to Punch Krystal From ‘The Bachelor’ in the Face

If you’re up to date on this season of The Bachelor then I’m going to assume you hate Krystal as much as the next girl. I mean really, who casted her onto this show? Whoever it was must have been deaf, or really wanted to make us viewers suffer this season. Anyway, thanks for giving us a new villain we love to hate!

1. When she came back to the Bachelor Mansion after her one-on-one and wouldn’t tell the rest of the girls any details of the date.

I’ll admit, I thought it was kind of cute at first how she wanted to keep her relationship private. But then I put myself in the shoes of the other twenty-something women in the room and I felt kind of angry! Everyone else was sharing their experiences, why wasn’t she?


2. Every time she gave a motivational “heartfelt” toast that made absolutely no sense and made you want to throw your wine glass at your TV and call it a night.

No one is moved by your speech Krystal, no one.


3. When she fake cried to Arie about Tia making fun of her in the hot tub when it was clearly a joke.

It’s called sarcasm – look it up Krystal!


4. Every time Arie gave her a rose at the rose ceremony.

COME ON ARIE! Of course you’d lead us on and give her the last rose, we were all getting excited that maybe she was finally going home!!


5. When she was being super competitive and obnoxious during their bowling game.

Chill out girl. You do not need to do a cartwheel or back-flip every time you get a strike, we get it you can bowl. (Also, can we note how creepy that clip of Arie and the bowling ball is? Gross!)


6. Then, when she flipped out on the bus (which we didn’t get to see) and called Arie a liar.

How dare she? At least he’s got Kendall to stick up for him when he’s not around!


7. Then, when she sat in her robe and decided not to go to the after party.

All because Arie thought it was fair to allow every girl extra time with him? I’ll admit, I was pretty happy though because this meant more time with Arie for some of my favorite contestants.


8. AND THEN, when she showed up at the after party?! After Arie told her not to come?!

Who does she think she is.


9. But I especially wanted to punch her in the face when she started a fight with Kendall on the 2 on 1 date and started trying to tear her down.

Has she ever heard of girls supporting girls? Probably not. Good thing Kendall brought some meaning to this show and hit Krystal back with compliments instead of slander. Well done Kendall!

Goodbye, Krystal!


Alissa is a 21-year-old senior at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. She is a communications major and journalism minor with big plans to move to New York City and pursue a writing career after college. You can find her on Twitter or Instagram @alissaderogatis
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