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30 Songs to Spice Up Your Pregame Playlist

At every pregame I have ever attended, it seems that whoever has aux has the exact same playlist- full of today’s trending hip-hop and classic 2000 pop throwbacks. It’s not that Promiscuous, Mr. Brightside, and Ignition aren’t good, it’s that if I hear them one more time I might down a handle of vodka to avoid the pain of listening to them again (this is not dramatic this is big facts SORRY). 

That being said, I understand how difficult it can be to find songs that everyone likes and can get hype to; so here I am to take some of the pressure off of you. If your party isn’t into these bangers, you can hold me personally accountable, or just realize you have some lame friends and move on with your life.

Here they are, the top 30 songs you should add to your pregame playlist that aren’t by the Black Eyed Peas or R. Kelly.

1. Bye Polar (Rejjie Snow)

This song is easy to catch onto the words, and has highs and lows that can get you in your feels and also wanna shake your ass. The perfect combination.

2. All Over (CRUISR) 

CRUISR really makes a bop that satisfies your pop craving without having heard it 5 million times before.

3. American Girl (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

Everyone knows this song. It’s a crowd pleaser- something you definitely need in your playlist, but maybe something that will surprise your guests.

4. Beware (Big Sean)

This is a forgotten treasure from the same time period of many of our overplayed playlist fillers.

5. Dead To Me (Kali Uchis) 

Anything by Kali Uchis is fair game, but this song is just the kind of revenge anthem for any party-goers who are going through a breakup.

6. Smile (Lily Allen)

This is yet another happy and sassy breakup song, because let’s face it we all have someone we love to get hype over losing.

7. Why Can’t We Work (Skizzy Mars)

This song is ~almost~ EDM so it’s very danceable and fun!

8. Wet Dreamz (J. Cole)

I don’t know about you guys, but knowing all the words to this song used to be one of my biggest flexes in highschool, so I still like to bring it out at party time for a little nostalgia.

9. Oxygen (Catfish and the Bottlemen)

How can I not put a Catfish and the Bottlemen song in here? Sorry, but I simply cannot create a list of songs without including one of the best bands of our generation.

10. Reaper (Manwolves)

A fantastic combo of rap and pop like this is a must for any pregame.

11. Cigarette Daydreams (Cage the Elephant)

Here we have another band that cannot be ignored. Not to mention this song is a definite crowd pleaser.

12. Slow Times (Iffy Orbit)

This song just has good vibes. I don’t know what else to tell ya.

13. Out of My League (Fitz and the Tantrums)

This song seems to have been erased from our memory of highschool hits but oh boy do I remember, and oh boy am I here to remind you.

14. Far from Home (A. CHAL)

Here we have a slower paced hip hop song that really seems to improve focus during drinking games.

15. Dani California (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Everyone loves the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Come on!

16. Westbrook (JID & A$AP Ferg)

Honestly, this whole album (DiCaprio 2) is so hype you can play the whole thing and it’s unlikely anyone would complain.

17. Santeria (Sublime)

Another beloved band that refuses to be ignored, especially this bop!

18. Sugarcoat (Kid Bloom)

Suchhh good vibes!

19. Electric Love (BORNS)

Electric Love is one of those songs that just never gets old, and you will probably always sing on the top of your lungs.

20. KLINK (Smino)

This song is everything you need in a drinking song. It talks about drinking and has a catchy beat! What more could you ask for?

21. Lil Uzi (Eric Reprid)

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but this song seems to make my limbs flail erratically. I’m not sure, maybe you should add it to your playlist and take note of its effect on the crowd.

22. Love N. Hennessy (A. CHAL)

Ah, A. CHAL, the king of making music that simultaneously hypes you up and helps you focus on that critical beer pong shot.

23. R U Mine? (Arctic Monkeys)

This is yet another forgotten highschool treasure that will surely take you and your friends back to simpler times.

24. Stay Lost (Joe Hertz)

One of the only true EDM songs on this list because even though I’m not the biggest EDM fan, I stand behind this song.

24. YSIV (Logic)

At least one song by Logic should be in your playlist. I don’t make the rules.

26. Novacane (Frank Ocean)

An excellent beat that mentions college so… I think I started something. 

27. REEL IT IN (Aminė)

You really can’t mess up a pregame playlist by including some solid hip hop.

28. SoSoSo (Croosh)

You also can’t go wrong with a song about getting turnt.

29. Miami (Will Smith)

And everyone loves a good 90’s bop!

30. Bad and Boujee Remix 

I’m gonna link it for you guys because quite frankly this is much better than the original and I’d love to see anyone try to tell me anything different. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBbQS4DnA9k Just TRY not to dance!


Add these songs to your existing pregame playlist to spice it up! If you simply cannot get enough of the classic throwback 2000’s and think your playlist couldn’t possibly get better, I say stick with it. Don’t let my opinion ruin something great for you! (But okay come on, if you walk away from this without having added at least the Bad and Boujee Remix, then your playlist is surely not one I want to listen to).

Hannah Luke is an English major with a minor in Diverse Literature and Cultural Studies at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Hannah transferred from Clemson University where she was a writer for Her Campus Clemson, and the Secretary of RHA. She currently holds the position of Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at UNCC. Off Campus, Hannah works as a Copywriting Intern at a recruitment firm, and as a Barista for a local bakery. After graduation, Hannah hopes to be a travel or lifestyle journalist.
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