10 Halloween Costumes You’ll Have to Explain but are Worth It

Halloween is fast approaching, and while by now most of us have at least considered what we’ll be wearing, finding a last minute costume has arguably become one of the most important aspects of the Halloween tradition. Sure, you could throw on the devil horns you wore last year and call it a night, but for your benefit I offer a few suggestions that are easy and dare-I-say, cooler than that. Without further ado, I give you this year’s cool and goofy last minute halloween costumes that you’ll probably have to explain but are kind of funny so it might be worth it.

  1. 1. A cat, but ironically

    Throw on those cat ears from three Halloweens ago, put on some hipster glasses, and tell people you’re making a social commentary on conformity. This costume hits all the marks, you can dress sexy and seem SO smart.

  2. 2. Kyle

    Everyone loves a meme costume! Wear a backwards baseball hat, cut off your sleeves, and make sure you constantly have a monster in hand. I’m not saying this is going to get you laid, but I’m not saying it won’t.

  3. 3. Paris Hilton telling people to stop being poor

    Write or iron “Stop Being Poor” on a white tank top, put your hair in loose curls, and wear a long skirt! Nothing says spooky like rich people talking about poverty.

  4. 4. Steve Jobs

    This is a look that can easily be made from things you have around your room- wear a black turtleneck and round rim glasses. If you really want to seal the deal, try to find one of those Apple stickers and put it on your shirt (bonus points if you take it off of someone’s car).

  5. 5. Your mom

    You know the standard mom look- plain top, loose jeans, practical shoes, generally bland clothes- but the hook is, when someone asks you what you are you can shout YOUR MOM.

  6. 6. Trust fund baby

    This is a look you might want to gage your audience for- wear the typical upper middle class elements including but not limited to: sperrys, croakies, and a polo shirt. Complete this look with classic baby elements like a bottle or bib!

    *optional- make your Juul look like a binkie and drink White Claws from a bottle*

  7. 7. That meme of The Rock

    This look can easily be transitioned to and from Steve Jobs. All you need is a black turtleneck, a small chain, high waisted pants, and a fanny pack. This is one of the most functional halloween costumes, as it allows easy access to snacks via your fanny pack.

  8. 8. Baddie Winkle

    Ah the beloved pop culture icon- wear some psychedelic and whimsical elements (check out her Instagram for inspiration @baddiewinkle) and add a white wig!

  9. 9. A Floridian

    Spray tan, sunglasses, cut off shorts (jeans or khakis), flip flops, and some generally absurd objects like a large milk carton full of orange juice or a big stuffed snake.

  10. 10. A Wolf

    The ultimate lazy costume- wear a wolf shirt or a flannel and when people ask what you are, tell them “on all parts except physical, I am a wolf.”