Your College Guide to Hygge

As fall rolls around, the first thing that comes to my mind with this season is hygge. And you may be wondering, what on Earth is that? Hygge is a Danish word, encompassing all things cozy, togetherness, being present in the moment and the surrounding environment of the home and hearth. If you picture being in a cabin in the woods, wrapped in a blanket drinking coffee and surrounded by candles, that’s hygge. But there’s a lot of different kinds of hygge and a lot of different ways to achieve it. For me, hygge meant creating that warm blanket hug feeling where I live, which can be hard when as college students we move seemingly every year, often living in stiff and cold campus housing. Below are some tips and tricks to create hygge on a budget wherever you live to make your fall a little cozier and a little more special.

  1. 1. Lights

    The lighting is one of the things that makes or breaks a space for me. As silly as it sounds, when I was a kid I wouldn’t let my mom turn on the light in my ceiling fan because I didn’t like the way it made the room look. This is the college version of that. If it’s string lights that you’re looking for, which are great for draping around your ceiling, check them out here at Hobby Lobby, and don’t forget your coupons. And while we’re covering lighting, check out this budget friendly pack of unscented candles. Unscented candles mean that you can light a whole bunch at once without getting that strange mix of different candle smells.

  2. 2. Cozy sweaters and blankets

    One of the best parts of fall is getting to wrap up in those cozy blankets and sweaters, but it can get expensive quickly with the prices at places like Target. My best recommendation is this: Reuse what’s already there. This approach partly comes from the environmentalist in me. It doesn’t make sense to buy new sweaters and blankets every season, and it isn’t great for the environment to cycle through items so quickly. Instead, look to more non-traditional places. See if there are any extra blankets in your old room, at your relatives house, etc. and go from there. If you’re still having trouble, ask a friend if they have extras, and maybe swap some to revamp each other’s spaces. The same goes for sweaters and cozy clothes. If you’re having trouble finding anything, the next best bet is always the thrift store. That way, you’re getting your cozy fix and reducing the environmental impact of your consumption. Now, you can wrap yourself up like a burrito without any guilt.

  3. 3. A little touch of decor

    The same environmental and budget approach is going to apply here, too. No need to purchase fancy new decor. Reorganize what you already have in order to see what you need. Then, look to the thrift stores and your friends for what you want to add. Having bookshelves around me creates that hygge feeling for me, so I swap books with my friends to keep them refreshed and ready for reading. The same goes for furniture and anything else. Just keep in mind when you are making your space that you are making it for you and not for anyone else. It doesn’t need to look like it belongs in HGTV for it to give you those warm fuzzies.

These are just a few things to think about as you enter fall and you create your cozy hygge haven. Think of the things that you want to surround you and that give you warmth, and start the season off right. With the help of family, friends and your local thrift stores, you can create the perfect cozy space without hurting your wallet or the environment.