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Wondering on How to Connect with Distant Relatives? Here’s My Advice

Family is a word all of us reading are familiar with as a group of people that provide love and support to your growth in life. There’s so many different types of family, whether that be family family or friends you consider family. Then there’s distant family, relatives that you’ve almost never contacted or have seen once but only once and never again. I know in my case, it’s shocking to find out that you’re the aunt of someone who’s the same age as you. But it’s also cool at the same time. Here are some ways that could hopefully help you.


Try social media.

Especially in this day and age, you can find almost anyone through social media. When it comes to family, you can probably try Facebook. Facebook is best for trying to contact a certain relative, and who knows, you might find your entire family tree in their friends list. If you’re okay with it, send a message saying who you are and hope it goes well. 

Find things that you find in common with each other.

Eventually, when you’re with relatives, it’s useful to find things you have in common. Maybe you both like to explore coffee shops in your free time or roaming around in the night taking photos and ignoring the fact that the people around you think you’re crazy because of the way you’re acting (I can personally relate). Conversations like this help you build connections and memories to later share with each other and reminisce.

Try to communicate with each other as often as you can.

I know that distance can be a pain in any relationship, whether that be for friends or family. It’s always best to stay in contact with each other and update one another when you are able to. A simple text asking if they’re doing well can lead to hours of conversation. Keeping in communication with each other in order to keep that connection is such a priority, especially within family. Take time to wish them a happy birthday or happy holidays, it doesn’t hurt!

Let’s be real, communication is definitely the key in maintaining solid relationships with anyone. Especially with those that are family, distant or close. Staying connected, no matter how far you are, is crucial to keeping a good bond with that niece you haven’t visited in so long. Just make sure to wish them a great birthday and let them know you’re thinking about them at all times. 

Samira is currently a Business Administration Marketing major and Communications minor at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. With a strong passion for writing and journalism, she hopes to educate you every time you reach the end of one her many motivational articles!
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