Why You Should Write a Letter This Holiday Season

The holidays are complicated for a number of reasons. As someone from a blended family, I know this to be especially true. First holidays together are always awkward, especially when you don’t know your new family members as well as you may wish you did. Here are a list of reasons to include letter writing in your holiday season this year.

  1. 1. Make a genuine connection with your family.

    Making a connection with these new family members that you don’t know can be a challenge. Gift shopping is hard enough when it’s someone that you have known for your entire life, and it’s a whole other challenge to try and find meaningful gifts for those you have only recently come to know. The regular, more generic gifts are all good and fine, but it’s nice to give something personal, too. I chose to write a letter to convey how much this new blended family meant to me. New family situations are stressful for all involved, and it helps everyone to feel a little bit more welcome having their presence affirmed.

  2. 2. It’s easier in a letter.

    In a new crowd, expressing your feelings is daunting at best. Writing a letter is a great way to have the time to sort out what you want to say and how you want to say it. And after the fact, the giftee is left with the letter as a memento from the holiday, a reminder of your feelings of love and affirmation. By writing a letter, you and your giftee have the time and privacy to process the sentiment (unless they end up reading it out loud, of course). For those who are nervous about connecting to new family this holiday, a letter is a great way to break the ice.

  3. 3. Letters cost little more than time and devotion.

    I, too, am a college student working a part-time job. Holidays are a bit stressful when it comes to money. You want to get the best gift you can for everyone, but that can get pretty expensive quickly. Writing a letter is a budget-friendly and sentimental option. Stationary supplies can be found at devoted stores or at your local Target or Walmart. This makes it affordable and accessible. The recipient will know that you took the time to sit down and write to them, making the gift that much more meaningful. After all, love is the best and least expensive gift in any holiday season.     

The holidays are plenty stressful on their own, but adding in new and complicated family circumstances can make it even more so. Before you stress about finding sentimental gifts for new family members, think about writing them a letter to share how much you appreciate them. It doesn’t need to be much, but letting someone know that you care for them is one of the best gifts of all.