Why You Should Visit Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, the capital of Oklahoma, does not come up very often in the topic of vacation spots. It might even surprise you how much they have to offer. As a native of this city, I would say it does have some hidden gems that would make it worth your while to visit. 

  1. 1. Midtown, Bricktown, Downtown

    When visiting the city, these three areas are a must. Midtown is one of the most historic areas in OKC, connecting downtown with historic neighborhoods. Within Midtown, you can have some fun at Dust Bowl Lanes or come learn some history at the OKC National Memorial and Museum. Another historic area, Bricktown, is in the heart of downtown and is one of my personal favorite places. This area features a lot of nightlife activities, the Bricktown Canal for a quick cruise and the Bricktown Ballpark (home of the OKC Dodgers). There is so much more to do in this area and you can explore more activities here. The things all these areas have in common are a mix of fantastic restaurants, local businesses and aesthetic displays. 

  2. 2. Riversport in the Boathouse District

    The Boathouse District is located on the Oklahoma River in downtown OKC and is home to riversport adventures, multiple bike trails and racecourses. Riversport adventures feature whitewater rafting, kayaking, adventure courses, zip-lining and more. If you are looking for a fun outdoor adventure, I highly recommend it. The one thing I will continue to take pride in from this area is that our riversport area is home to the U.S. Olympic rowing trials. Yes, I said OKC and the Olympics in the same sentence. 

  3. 3. Wheeler District and Plaza District 

    Wheeler District is known for the amazing views of the downtown skyline and the Wheeler Ferris Wheel. If you are looking for a good photo opportunity, definitely pull up here and you won't regret it. The large “OKC” letters allow for a good visual display. Another beautiful site is the Plaza District, slightly similar to the Plaza in Kansas City but with much more emphasis on art and lots of locally owned places. The plaza, to me, gives a strong OKC vibe, as it showcases a variety of dining, retail and community activities. 

If you've never been to OKC before, I hope I have inspired you to visit. If you've been and hated it, I hope I persuaded you to come back. Despite the shade I receive from people outside of Oklahoma on this state, I have faith that one day it will be a new tourist hub like Los Angeles or NYC. Come get a taste of the “405” and our community… you might like it.