Why You Should Start Playing Dungeons & Dragons

With social distancing and self-quarantine surrounding us all, it is so easy to get lost in the isolation and the solitude. However, there’s a fun and creative way you can still talk with your friends and engage in exciting new adventures while trapped in your home. 

It’s DND! (Or D&D) (Or Dungeons and Dragons). No, this is not the 80s and the game isn’t just for nerdy teenage boys or 30-year-old men in their basement. Now, the game has become a home to a whole host of people that can find themselves in the mythical worlds of the game. Have you ever dreamed of being a super hot lesbian who can use magic to heal your friends? Or a green bisexual nonbinary half-orc who can shoot arrows with exact accuracy? Then DND is definitely your game. It’s a beautiful game that is open to any possibilities. 

For me, in quarantine, the best part of DND is the escapism. For a few hours, I don’t have to think about whether or not I’ll be able to go to work in the next few weeks, but instead I get to worry about whether or not the evil wizard will take over the city. 

Also, I get to be as gay and weird as I want. It’s a great testing ground for social skills, which I’m not great at. If there’s a situation with people and I have to be charismatic to get out of it, DND is a great place to figure out how to do that. It’s a nice way to figure out how to deal with the world (and other worlds) and take that knowledge into your own hands. Would it be okay if I hit on that girl over there? I don’t know, let’s slide over at the tavern and find out. 

It’s a beautiful, wonderful way to interact and bond with your friends while you can’t meet up. There are plenty of online resources to play! I mean, you already use Zoom for school, why not utilize it for something a lot more fun? But there are also more DND-centric sites that you should check out when setting up your quarantine campaign or one shot! Roll20 is a great website for you to actually play on with maps and an online dice roller. D&D Beyond is the most expansive tool-set that allows you to track your character and your campaign, as well as have everything in the D&D universe(s) at your fingertips. 

Ready to start playing but not quite sure where to begin? Got all your friends together or a character idea but no idea what the rules are or what a d20 even is? Check out this playlist “Handbooker Helper” provided by the group Critical Role — “a bunch of nerdy a$$ voice actors who sit around and play Dungeons and Dragons.” They’ve got tons of really helpful, short videos that will get you all set up to start playing! 

It’s Your Turn to Roll