Why Stranger Things’ Robin is SO Important

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! But, also, let’s be real...who hasn’t seen “Stranger Things 3” yet? That’s what I thought. 

Anyhow, today, I wish to talk to you about the most important character that the Duffer Brothers ever (but actually didn’t) wrote about. That’s right. Today, I’m talking about 1980’s lesbian icon Robin Buckley and why she is so important.

Robin is brave as hell. We knew this when she started the Scoops Troop and helped crack a Russian secret code because she’s a goddess among women. We knew this when she snuck into a Russian secret base and helped the gang stop the Mindflayer (or so it would seem). But, she did so much more than any of that, because of her scene with Steve in the bathroom. 

Robin Buckley, a woman who all women should worship, came out as a lesbian to her friend… in the 80s. Everyone has placed the praise on Steve, who did nothing but accept his friend for who she is, which should not be something to praise, but something that should be expected as common human decency. The real praise should be placed with Robin who could be fired, sent to conversion therapy, killed, for her sexual orientation. Still, she has the courage and the strength to place trust in a friend of hers. Robin had no idea that Steve would continue to support her if she came out, but still she did and that takes crazy courage. 

So, yeah, Robin Buckley is a hero to women and queers everywhere.