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Emily Larner

Why I am Striking on September 20

If you would’ve asked me four years ago what I imagined I would be doing with my life, I can guarantee you that my answer wouldn’t be what I am doing right now. It would’ve been me saying, “I want to be a medical researcher to work on solving illnesses and diseases that cost people their lives every day.” However, here I am, just one girl among many individuals who care about ending the biggest threat we have in our lifetime, the climate crisis. 

Four years ago, I would’ve never been able to tell anyone the correlation of how I got from “Plan A” to “Back-up Plan G” and have it make any sense. Today, I can tell you that it’s because of how much I care about people. Knowing that people are dying due to the effects of the climate crisis leaves me a sick feeling in my stomach every single day because I know we can be doing more. We can be doing more. 

This is me trying to do more, little by little. Spreading the word on ways anyone and everyone can get involved in fighting the climate crisis. On Friday, September 20, there will be climate strikes around the world and endless ways for anyone to get involved. By striking from our schools, jobs, businesses and homes, we are asserting our right to both good jobs and a livable future for everyone. 
Here in Kansas City, there will be student walkouts at several institutions, including our own University of Missouri – Kansas City at 11 a.m., meeting at the University Playhouse. Later in the day, there will be a mass march and rally at 5 p.m. at Mill Creek Park where individuals, organizations, students and more will be gathering in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike. Not from Kansas City? Find a climate strike near you here

I am striking in solidarity on September 20 for the air we breathe, the water we drink and for the places we call home. For the people who are losing their lives and the lives of their loved ones because they don’t have access to a livable future and good jobs. For the people who are experiencing environmental racism because there are no other affordable homes in areas without heavily polluting industrial areas. For the people who experience systemic racism and social, environmental and socioeconomic injustices every day.

Emily is a writer for Her Campus UMKC. She is a senior currently studying environmental sciences and environmental sustainability, but loves writing creative content for different topics in life. She also has a podcast called "From Teens to Twenties" which you can find on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. In her free time she enjoys volunteering, studying at coffee shops, and thrifting like nobody's business.
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