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Which Enneagram Type is Each “Attack on Titan” Character?

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With the final season of Attack On Titan underway, I thought it fitting to write an article in appreciation of the characters I have grown to know and love. Over the past three seasons, we have gotten to know many of the characters in-depth, along with how their personalities manifest in a broken world. For this reason, I thought it would be interesting to examine the Enneagram type of some of the main characters. For those not familiar with the Enneagram test, it is a personality test that tells how people view the world and manage emotions.

Enneagram One: The Reformer

Enneagram One goes to our protagonist, Eren Yeager. Reformers are characterized by their desire to fulfill a mission in life, which is usually for the greater good. Eren is driven by his desires to become a Scout, and his ultimate mission is to kill all of the Titans and save humanity. Many times, we see Eren sacrifice his personal safety to attempt to achieve this goal, no matter what the cost. Throughout the series, Eren is concerned with following what he considers to be morally right, and he will do whatever it takes to help humanity achieve freedom from the walls.

Enneagram Two: The Helper

Perhaps the most obvious Two of the series, Historia is defined by her sincerity, altruism and unconditional regard for others. Due to her tragic past and the lack of love she experienced as a child, Historia strives to make herself useful to others and feel a sense of belonging. She often sacrifices her own happiness for the sake of others, which can be seen through her relationship with Ymir. However, her yearning to feel loved can also be one of her biggest downfalls. Historia even admits later in the series that she was willing to become a Titan and consume her friend Eren in order to make her father love her.

Enneagram Three: The Achiever

One of the most accomplished soldiers, Mikasa has been described as having the strength of one hundred ordinary soldiers. The achievers are characterized by their desire for success and a sense of accomplishment. Similar to the reformers, the achievers strive to fulfill their mission, but they are not as concerned with change as they are achievement. Like many Threes, Mikasa recognizes her strengths, and she hones in on her talents to make her successful in all of her endeavors. Throughout the series, Mikasa takes on the role of Eren’s personal protector, and she does not feel successful unless he is safe. Additionally, Mikasa trains relentlessly to become arguably the strongest of the Scouts.

Enneagram Four: The Individualist

Similar to other Fours, Annie views herself as different from most people, which is justified considering she is one of only nine Titan-shifters. Annie has few close relationships, and she keeps a guard up to protect herself from the vulnerability that she believes could get her killed. Like many Fours, Annie is honest with herself, and she experiences her truth head-on no matter how painful it may be. However, she struggles with confiding in others as she does not want to show weakness. Through the experiences of her difficult past, Annie is able to become an incredibly accomplished fighter and member of the Military Police.

Enneagram Five: The Investigator

An outrageous experimenter and innovative strategist, Hange sums up all of the qualities of an Enneagram Five. Her drive to understand everything about the Titans and her ability to carry out complex battle plans makes Hange one of the very brightest of the Scouts. Although some might describe her as intense or high-strung, her unrelenting attitude toward obtaining knowledge makes her a valuable asset to the team and is one of the reasons she is a true fighter. The time she spends carefully thinking through each and every battle scenario has saved the lives of her team more times than once.

Enneagram Six: The Loyalist

Another brain of the Scouts, Armin, may come as a surprise that he was not classified as a Five. However, while Armin certainly might have a Five-Wing, he displays many of the qualities and characteristics of a Type Six. Armin maintains his loyalty to his friends and his squad at all times, even if it may end up costing his life (as seen in season three when he is inches from death after fighting the Colossal Titan). Armin is reliable and trustworthy, making it no surprise that Commander Erwin gave him the responsibility of calling the shots during the epic battle to reclaim Shiganshina. While Armin regularly struggles with self-confidence and feeling as though he is not as important as his other squad members, at his best, Armin is a powerful leader that ensures victory for his team.

Enneagram Seven: The Enthusiast

There is perhaps no one with a more happy-go-lucky attitude than Connie, which is surprising given the world our characters live in. Making the best of every situation, Connie exemplifies Enneagram Seven as a feel-good character that brings anyone out of the dumps. This is not to imply that Connie is weak, however, as he is a powerful fighter and member of the Scouts. He faces each and every challenge optimistically, and his desire for happiness is a powerful motivator in reaching his goals.

Enneagram Eight: The Challenger

Although soft-spoken at times, Captain Levi is an excellent leader that embodies all of the qualities of an Enneagram Eight: confident, strong and assertive. Like many Eights, Levi can sometimes appear “rough around the edges,” which is due to his fierce desire for independence. He approaches each and every challenge with tact, and his authority is often intimidating to his young squad members. As a skilled fighter, Captain Levi is willing to take adversity head-on, and his pure determination leads to him emerging victorious in plans that others were certain would fail. His willpower and perseverance makes Levi arguably the most dangerous of the Scouts.

Enneagram Nine: The Peacemaker

Although a character that provides comic relief for much of the series, Sasha does have a personality underneath her love for food. Enneagram Nines are described as being receptive, reassuring, agreeable, and complacent. During her time as a Cadet, Sasha is often given a hard time for talking too politely and trying too hard to keep the peace. We later find out more about Sasha’s difficult past, and it begins to make sense why she tries so hard to fit in. The Cadets and later the Scouts are one of Sasha’s only experiences with what would be considered family, so she is willing to go along with others to keep this family together. Sasha’s desire for peace among her friends builds a sense of camaraderie, and ultimately, makes them a much more powerful team.

While many of these characters have chosen the same career path — the Scouts — it is interesting to see the differences in how their personalities manifest in the face of adversity. Each character is valuable to the team, and their differences in approaching challenges help the team to function well as a whole. The relatability of each and every one of these characters has led to them feeling like family, and I know that I certainly will feel a bit lost after the series finally wraps up.

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