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As we head toward winter break and into the holiday season, every streaming service will be filled with anything remotely related to the holidays. With plenty of options on what to watch, here are some of my favorites I definitely recommend.

“The Polar Express”

As corny and cliché as it is, I always feel that the holidays have a unique magic to them and that feeling comes alive whenever I watch this movie. It might have to do with the mystery and the journey that the main character goes through in order to truly believe in the Christmas spirit. 

One of my favorite quotes from this movie is, “Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can't see” because of how relatable that is. Exhibit A: COVID-19.

“Christmas with the Kranks”

I honestly can’t remember how I found this movie, but I’m glad I did. I love it so much that if it's available for streaming in July, I will watch it in July. This movie follows Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis as they decide to leave their holiday traditions behind to go away on a cruise since their daughter won’t be in for the holidays. This causes a shock wave in their neighborhood, as they take it as a personal attack, but the Kranks go on with their plan despite their neighbors’ disapproval. This movie has comedy and a happy ending, what more can you want?


If I’m being honest, I only just watched this three years ago and that was only because my friends pressured me to watch it due to their disbelief that I hadn’t yet. Ever since I watched it the first time, it has become a must-watch for me. The scene where Buddy, the main character, gets hit by the taxi...elite. If you want something that will make you laugh and distract you from whatever it is you should be doing, this is the one.

‘The Princess Switch”

For all my rom-com lovers, this one's for you. This is the classic “We look exactly the same, let’s switch places and fall in love with each other’s lives” movie with a royal and holiday mix. The scenery is very pretty and Vanessa Hudgens takes the lead role of princess and baker in this movie. It’s currently available on Netflix and a new sequel to it also released.

“Home Alone”

This list would not be complete without adding this classic . I’m sure there is no need to give a synopsis of the movie, but if there is one thing for sure, you’ll laugh and have a great time watching it. No matter how many years have gone by since the first time I saw it, I can’t help but think how Kevin was left behind by his parents on their way to Paris. If you have Disney+, you can stream “Home Alone” and “Home Alone 2.” 

So if you find yourself feeling like a grinch (another great suggestion), especially with the pandemic and holiday blues, grab a blanket and your favorite hot drink, sit back and enjoy some good holiday cheer. 


Currently a senior at UMKC studying Communications/Journalism & Political Science with minors in International Studies and Criminal Justice, Daisy looks forward to working in urban policy and nonprofits to help her local community. She enjoys learning new languages, visiting local shops and restaurants, and having picnics with her friends.
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