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Those mornings when you wake up to your alarm and just keep pressing snooze — over and over again — those are the mornings I dread, never able to fully wake up and left tired for the rest of the day. Implementing a morning routine was one of the best things I ever did. I now wake up and get started with my day not letting an hour go to waste. Here are some of my favorite tips for creating a morning routine curated just for you!

Try Technology-Free Mornings

Yes, you read that right, no technology (well not all morning, but at least 20 minutes). This means no phone alarm! Invest in an actual alarm clock. I really like this one from Amazon –– it wakes you up with light noise and simulates natural sunlight. The point of having an actual alarm clock is to avoid your phone at all costs. We want to be technology-free for at least 20 minutes, but if you can do more, go for it! Waking up and enjoying the morning without a phone in your face really can make such a big difference. 

Wash Your Face & Ditch the Pajamas

Once you finally roll out of bed, go wash your face! Invest in a nice face wash to start your morning off right. Pull your hair up, get the water nice and warm and get ready to feel refreshed. Now pajamas –– I know it’s the simple things, waking up and walking around the house until noon in your pajamas. I enjoy mornings like those just like the next person, but trust me, you will feel so much more ready to take on the day if you put on actual clothes.

Make Up Your Bed

Now this one is super easy. After you roll out of bed, wash your face and get dressed for the day, there is one more step to the perfect morning routine. Make up your bed! Remove all your pillows and stack them off to the side, pull up your sheets and your comforter and finally place those pillows back on. You can finish making it up in less than 10 minutes once you do it enough. No matter how early you wake up, try and make it up. You will thank yourself when you come home after work or school to a clean made-up bed. 

Wake up ready to start your day, collegiates! These are just some of my favorite tips for starting or adding to your morning routine. Customize your routine to your lifestyle. I always make sure to wake up at the same time Monday through Friday and then sleep in on weekends. You can do a morning yoga flow during the 15-20 minutes you aren’t on your phone or you can get a cute journal to write down your daily goals. One last thing for when you wake up –– open up your window blinds and soak up the spring sun! 

Amira is currently a senior at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She is always smiling with a kombucha in her hand & blasting her multiple Céline Dion CD's in her car because duh, the radio can't beat Céline Dion. On any given day she will gladly talk your ear off about Grey's Anatomy, stronger background checks for gun purchases and why immigrants are some of the most important members of our society.
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