An Underrated Girl Band You Should Check Out

A lot of people refer to the radio for their source of music. I listen to the radio occasionally but I don’t rely on it. Don’t get me wrong, there are always a couple of songs that I can bop to but the radio is very repetitive. Instead, I like to use Spotify and always look forward to checking out new music on my discover weekly page. This is where I found a girl band called The Aces. They describe themselves as a mixture of indie, rock, alternative and pop music. Artists that have a similar sound are the 1975, HAIM, Harry Styles and Betty Who. Here is an unofficial list of their top 5 songs:


1. Stuck

“Stuck,” the second track in the album When My Heart Felt Volcanic, was The Aces’ first single; this also so happened to be the first song that I was introduced to and has the most pop influences. “Stuck” is about being in a situation that you know isn’t good for you but you’re not for sure how to remove yourself from it, whether it may be a roadblock in your relationship or friendship.


2. Physical

As the song title suggests, “Physical” is about a relationship that’s entirely surrounded by the physical entities of the individuals present. They stated in an interview with Genius that, “Casual intimacy is so glamorized in society, and we wanted to bring our perspective to the table. Being physical can quickly become lackluster if that’s the only thing a relationship has going for it.”


3. Last One

“Last One” describes the intense emotions you develop when you have feelings for someone. You invest so much time into a person but you get upset that things don't work out. You try to remove them from your life but they somehow make a way back in; it becomes difficult to fully let them go.


4. Volcanic Love

“Volcanic Love,” the first song from their debut album, is about coping with a young romance. Even if the relationship is not approved by their peers, the lovers continue to embrace each other and their love “continues to burn with passion.” The girls stated that this song in particular represents the essence of their band and the overall vibe of their album.


5. Baby Who

The first four songs in this list were from their debut album, “Baby Who,” and this is the only song on this list from "I Don't Like Being Honest". However, it’s one of my favorites. The track’s main message is about learning to be independent and that you do not necessarily need someone else to make you feel whole. It’s also about finding the confidence to overcome a battle that has been holding you back.


You can check out The Aces on all streaming platforms and hear them live next year, March 13, at the recordBar in Kansas City. For more details, click here.