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The Best Tinted Moisturizers to Wear Under Your Mask

During 2020 and 2021, I noticed that the makeup community has moved away from wearing heavy foundations on a daily basis. Rather, many have started opting for products that look like your skin, but better. As the mask mandates continue, using BB/CC creams and tinted moisturizers are your best bet for comfort. Here are some of the tinted moisturizers I have tried and my thoughts on them!

Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer by Colourpop

Where to Find: UIta, Colourpop.com 

Price: $14

Rating: 7.5/10 

The Colourpop Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer was the first tinted moisturizer that I ever tried. The tinted moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid and coconut water to hydrate the skin, but without making your skin look oily. Additionally, the shades range from fair “1 n” — a neutral tint for very fair skin tones — to deep dark “24 n” — a neutral tint for very deep skin tones. Colourpop’s website also has a shade finder that helps you find the closest shade match based on your current foundation shade. 

Colourpop recommends that you use their hydrating primer and setting spray to set the moisturizer, however, I have discovered any dewey finish primer, like the ELF Jelly Pop primer, works just fine. The best applicator I have found is using a makeup sponge of some sort. In my experience, a makeup brush that is not dense causes the moisturizer to look streaky.  With the wearability of the tinted moisturizer, as long as you set it with a powder and setting spray, the moisturizer stays on your face and creases minimally. 

I ranked this tinted moisturizer the lowest because compared to the other two, the Colourpop tint creases the most on my face. 

Hint Hint Skin Tint by Morphe 2

Where to Find: Ulta, Morphe.com

Price: $18

Rating: 8.5/10 

The Morphe 2 Hint Hint Skin Tint was very popular in the makeup community when it was launched. I believe it is worth the hype. The skin tint is super lightweight but definitely buildable for those who want a fuller coverage. The 20 shades range from level one — which includes fair shades with different undertones — to level five — which includes deeper shades. Morphe also has a shade finder on their website that allows you to find a shade to match your current foundation. Additionally, Morphe claims that the skin tint is water and transfer resistant. From my experience, I believe it is waterproof, however, there is a little transfer when wearing a mask. You must also wait for it to fully dry down before you can wear your mask. 

The best way to apply the skin tint includes using a dense brush because the product is very watery, so a makeup sponge absorbs all of the product. Similar to the Colourpop tinted moisturizer, the skin tint wears the best when you use a powder and setting spray afterwards. 

Ease Drop Blurring Skin Tint by Fenty Beauty

Where to Find: Sephora, Fentybeauty.com

Price: $29.50

Rating: 9/10 

Fenty Beauty is known for their high quality products and shade inclusivity. All of this rings true for their Ease Drop Skin Tint. The skin tint has 25 shades, ranging from shade 1 — a light shade — to shade 25 — a deep shade. The shades also account for different undertones. The skin tint evens out your complexion and is sweat resistant. 

Additionally, the formula pairs well with primers and skin care. The coverage for this skin tint is light, but buildable. In my personal experience, the best way to apply this skin tint is with your fingers or a dense makeup brush. Out of the three skin tints I mentioned in this article, the Fenty Beauty Skin Tint matches my skin tone the best and does not oxidize that much when it dries. Similar to the other two skin tints, the Fenty Beauty skin tint also needs powder and a setting spray to set. 

I rated the Fenty Beauty Skin Tint the highest because it does not crease as much as the other two and the product stays on your face. I have minimal transfer onto my mask when I wear this product. 

As makeup trends start to shift to more natural and dewy finish looks, it is imperative to own a good skin tint. All three options I presented in this article work well in creating the “skin but better” finish at different price points. I hope you find a skin tint that works for you! 

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