For The Person Of Color Who Wants A Color Tattoo

Have you ever heard that people with skin tones in shades of brown can’t have color tattoos? I have, but it’s not true. I don’t remember where this idea originated for me but when it came to my first in-shop experience, the idea was confirmed by advice from the artist. While my tone is a soft tawny, I’ve learned since then that it doesn’t matter what shade your skin is. Anyone can have color tattoos, it just depends on various factors how the color will come out. After my first experience with an established artist who said color wouldn’t work with my skin, I met another who tilted my tattoo world on its axis. Let’s look more into the truth of color tattoos on a person of color and what a very talented artist has to say about it.

What does it say about us that people like me have had this idea planted that we can’t have color tattoos because they won’t show up on our skin? Well, for one thing, it says we aren’t using our resources very well. I take months to search for things: how I can dye my hair without damaging curls, piercers and that’s right - the perfect tattoo artist. Despite that, my first time around wasn’t quite ideal. I scoured the internet to find portfolios with examples of work they did on brown skin and didn’t find any in the style I liked. Finally, I spoke with someone whose style I felt was perfect but I was told by them my skin tone wouldn’t hold colors such as blue. A year later, here I am with all the colors of the rainbow brightly in my skin thanks to the expertise of the second artist I’ve worked with, Lacey Rose.

Lacey assured me that while certain colors might look different on different shades of skin, with a good technique, there’s no need to worry. She said “ depends on your artist, their knowledge with color and different skin types, your skin tone and texture and your design. Everything comes into play. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t get a color tattoo because of your skin.” It takes knowledge to understand which colors to use, which shades of them will work on the person’s skin and years of practice doesn’t always mean more knowledge. By talking with an artist, you can gauge their knowledge. Don’t be like me and take someone’s word for something because they’re a “professional” without question. Get a second opinion, a third, a fourth. Once you’ve exhausted your research and asked multiple people with experience, come to a conclusion. If you still don’t agree, that’s when you start studying on your own but being an entrepreneur is a whole other subject matter! When it comes to tattoos, there are many styles, some like Lacey’s which is anime-esk, so niche you won’t find it without looking!

Lacey expressed her sadness that people think they can’t get color tattoos because of their skin tone, and knowing others believe that makes me sad too. Let’s not forget there are medical conditions or allergies that can change what happens with the ink but having a certain skin tone is not one of them. Whether you’re peachy, pale, tan or rich cocoa brown, if color is packed properly, highlights are used and most importantly the artist knows what they’re doing, you’ll come away with some lovely colors. Don’t limit yourself by the people who turn you away and don’t let time or distance inhibit what you want. I traveled fourteen hours to get to this beautiful lady and got a bonus seven hours of excellent story sharing, anime, manga and paranormal romance discussions. So, find the artist that will give you what you’re looking for. Who knows, maybe Lacey is the one for you too!