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You probably know what ghosting is by now. You meet someone attractive, go on a date or two, maybe even start a committed relationship with them, and suddenly out of nowhere they disappear. That’s textbook ghosting, and it stings every time. Honestly, what kind of jerk doesn’t even think you’re worth communicating with? A simple, “let’s part ways”, would suffice, right? Nope. They don’t even give you that. Instead, you’re just left with silence.

Yet, as aggravating as ghosting can be, having a zombie rise from the dead is even worse. I’m not talking literal zombies, mind you. I’m talking that sudden “hey” text message you just received on your phone. Or that “like” on your new photo. Or even that out of the blue view on your Snapchat story. Suddenly, the coward who disappeared from your life now wants to check up on you. Maybe they still don’t want to be a part of your life; they just want to monitor everything you’re doing. Or maybe they actually do want to weasel their way back into your favor. Regardless, what was once dead has now risen from the grave, and it’s time to deal with it for some peace of mind. If you’re being ‘zombied’ right now, here are three great solutions you can try.


1. Revel in It

Ok, so maybe you don’t mind that zombie breathing down your neck. In fact, you actually find the whole situation hilarious. Let’s be honest, they came rising from the dead because they knew you were the one who got away. You’re definitely not going to take them back—but it sure brings a smile to your face knowing they’re longingly watching your happiness from afar, ruminating over the horrible mistake they made. And let’s be honest, you already have a lot on your plate. They’re the least of your worries. Simply use this moment to revel in how amazing of a person you are. Seriously, just do nothing about it. Who cares. I mean, a zombie here or there never bothered you anyway.


2. Talk It Out

Looks like you’re feeling a little bold today, and you’ve got time. Don’t hesitate to lay down the law. If their lingering presence is seriously bothering you, let them know. Put your foot down and be honest. Nothing feels better than confronting a coward who did you dirty. Do you want closure and clarity? Ask them. Do you just want them to leave you alone? Tell them. Hold these zombies in your life accountable. Communication may be more important to you than it is to them, but at least it’s always effective.



This whole situation has you fed up. I mean, can you believe the audacity of this person? To think they’re just keeping tabs on you after straight up disappearing? It’s disrespectful, and honestly, you don’t have to put up with it. Cut them out of your life once and for all. I’m talking a major cleanup. Block them on everything. Who cares what they think? Who cares what other people think? If you’re seriously bothered by someone, you’re not obligated to keep them around. Being a part of your life is a privilege, and it’s one they clearly haven’t deserved. So, once you hit that block button, breathe a sigh of relief. There definitely isn’t going to be a zombie following you around anymore.

Remember: No matter what method you choose, your happiness and peace of mind is what’s most important. Do what feels best for you. It’s your life after all. There’s no right or wrong way to deal with the zombie in your life. As long as you’re content, that means you’ve found the right solution.

Eden Stewart is a senior at UMKC. She was born and raised in Kansas City, and has been surrounded by books her whole life. When she's not reading or writing, Eden loves wine, animals and is probably a shopping addict.
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