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It’s finally the end of the year and it’s time to dive into the holidays. Every other song on the radio is a holiday song, and let’s be honest, not everyone wants to hear Mariah Carey sing her incredible whistle notes every hour of the day. Lucky for us, a ton of artists having been blessing our ears with some great new music that isn’t focused on the holidays. 

Plastic Hearts” by Miley Cyrus

With her long-awaited entrance into the rock genre, Miley Cyrus did not disappoint with her new album “Plastic Hearts.” Her raspy voice and the best special guests make this album a home run. Some favorites that stick out are “Angels Like You” and “Golden G String.” Miley reflects on her previous relationships and her past as she rose to the stardom she has now in this album.

evermore” by Taylor Swift

Another surprise album by the queen herself Taylor Swift. “Evermore” is basically “folklore’s sister, coming out a mere five months after that surprise release. In her true storytelling fashion, Taylor Swift has released yet another masterpiece of music. In the same style of “folklore,” “evermore” takes us on a journey through Taylor’s mind and it’s beautiful. It’s hard to even pick favorites, but “no body, no crime,” “evermore,” and “dorothea” would definitely be at the top of my list.

Positions” by Ariana Grande

The typical bops we expect from Ariana Grande are here. She’s given us the fun music that is perfect to dance to or belt in the car as you drive to pick up Starbucks as a treat for studying (or maybe just titling your Google doc). Some of my favorite songs from this release would be “pov,” “just like magic,” and “sixty thirty.” Each have a great dancing beat with lyrics that you can actually understand through Ariana’s whistle notes!

These are some of my favorite new albums that have come out in the past couple months and provide a great break from the holiday tunes. It doesn’t make you a Scrooge if you prefer some other genres. BUT, if you are looking for a holiday album, I suggest Leslie Odom Jr.’s newest Christmas album, “The Christmas Album.” Or maybe you are looking for just a song, and in that case, the Jonas Brothers’ “I Need You Christmas” is a great choice. Nevertheless, if these aren’t your style, maybe take a lesson from the Grinch and let your heart grow three sizes. Just kidding! Happy holidays, collegiates. 

Amira is currently a senior at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She is always smiling with a kombucha in her hand & blasting her multiple Céline Dion CD's in her car because duh, the radio can't beat Céline Dion. On any given day she will gladly talk your ear off about Grey's Anatomy, stronger background checks for gun purchases and why immigrants are some of the most important members of our society.
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