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I hope you all read my previous article about beginners’ nail art! Sometimes nail art can be really hard to do, but with practice, you can make your nails look beautiful! Here are some of my favorite designs that are easy and quick.

Glitter Ombre nails

I like to call these fire nails because my favorite color palette to use with the set is red, orange and yellow. There are many variations to this design, the quickest one would be to use just one color and some glitter nail polish. First, use the color red as a base and let it dry completely. Then use a sponge (or a tissue) and add glitter nail polish to it. Dab the polish on with the ombre effect, start at the top and dab hard and then dab slower as you move down the nail. Using multiple colors means that you would have to blend the colors together with a sponge. I have tried both and my favorite is the first type! 

Galaxy nails 

These nails are a little harder and they do require specific colors, but they look beautiful in the end. The easiest way to do these would be to use a base coat of black and sponge on blue and purple glitter nail polish. My favorite trick is to splatter on white nail polish at the end to show stars. If you take a little bit of polish on a thin paintbrush and tap it a little above your nails, you can get the spots small enough to fit on your nails.

French tip

There are many ways to do french tips and on multiple nail types as well. You can do it with glitter nail polish or my favorite way to do it is by adding one color and outlining the edges with a thin brush of a complementary color. There has also been a trend on TikTok to use a mani stamper and add nail polish to it for the french tip. You can also just outline the tips of your nails with the nail polish and you can remove any mistakes with nail polish remover. 

These are my top three favorite nail art designs, they do sometimes take a while but the end result will look really pretty! You can also do all of these styles on different nail types. Make sure to add a topcoat at the end for a finished look and to make sure the nail polish doesn’t chip.

Hi! My name is Shreevarsha and I am currently a Freshmen with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts major and a Chemistry major in the 6 year medical program. My hobbies include doing art and reading!
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