My Mid-Season Bachelorette Takes

As the semester ends, I, like mostly everyone else I know, am starting to run out of motivation to put the necessary effort in to finish my classes. Combine the end of the semester with working from home or taking more online classes, and I feel even more unmotivated. However, I have found that working toward a daily goal has helped me be productive in the day time and create a work-nonwork balance that college is often missing. This fall, my Tuesday reward for finishing my homework has been watching ABC’s “The Bachelorette” with my roommates. If you’re not a fan, I totally get it. The show is cheesy, manufactured, dramatic to a fault and overly saturated with commercials. Yet, the simple act of watching the show has helped me to unwind and think about the lives of others rather than myself. So, if you don’t watch the show, I’d recommend catching up on Hulu after studying (or honestly, just watching the most recent episode); and if you do, Bachelorette Nation, let’s talk.

Before we get into the men, can I just say that the Bachelorette viewing experience improved for me substantially once Tayshia took over? She is such a positive woman whose smile is larger and more sincere than anyone I’ve ever seen in this franchise. Her ability to be respectful of everyone’s time while also following her heart is not only unlike the past Bachelorette, but also a good example for young women who watch the show. If she hadn’t become the new Bachelorette, I would have stopped watching weeks ago.

My Favorites: Ivan, Eazy, Brendan and Ben

First, Ivan has been my personal favorite since the beginning. He doesn't seem to have a dramatic bone in his body, and his pursuit of Tayshia is undoubtedly pure. I was worried about his age and lack of connection with Clare, but his increased screen time since Tayshia gives me hope. He’s definitely in the top four for Tayshia.

Eazy is the only reason I kept watching the show through Clare’s episodes. His humor is effortless, and the way he leads those around him through camaraderie is clear. I don’t know if he’ll make the top four; if I had to guess, he’s probably going to be in another Bachelor show after this (please, ABC, give us an Eazy Bachelor season!).

Brendan came out of the woodwork after Clare left, and he is growing on me. At first, I thought he didn’t have his own ideas, but the most recent episode definitely showed that Tayshia is interested in him (cutting him off with a kiss? Cute? Edgy? I’m not sure). I also really like that he asks her questions about what she wants, rather than constantly talking about himself. He’s definitely in the top four.

Ben is my last pick, and similar to Brendan, he’s a new entry. I vaguely remember his sincerity in the first few episodes, but his vulnerability to Tayshia was a good sign. He asked to kiss Tayshia, which was possibly the most memorable quote from the episode, followed by him saying, “I don’t play” in response to other drama. I worry that he’s going to make dumb decisions because he overestimates his relationship with Tayshia, so I’m hoping he stays realistic and smart about using his limited time with her wisely. 

My Least Favorites: 

Chasen: I didn’t like him from the beginning, mainly because I think his parents should have picked either Chase or Jason— not both— but this most recent episode cemented my opinion. The most concise way to describe him is immature. From the way he interacts with the other contestants (chicken legs? really?), to how he speaks with Tayshia (smoke show is still the weirdest compliment I’ve ever heard), to how he responds to conflict, he comes off as incapable of showing his true self and conveying his non-frat boy personality. He’s only still on the show because of the drama he brings, and I will be cheering when Tayshia sends him home.

Blake: While going back to Clare’s portion of the season might not be a good indicator of who Blake is, I don’t think he won any brownie points with me by being a poor loser and continually trying to prove his deep connection with Clare. Unlike Jason, I didn’t see Blake and Clare connecting, and it was super weird when he acted like he would leave when Tayshia took over. He’s also annoying to hear from and somewhat possessive after very few interactions. Not a fan.

Spencer: From the second he walked in and acted cryptic about the new men arriving, I knew Spencer was bad news. Usually, I like the men with established, current occupations in their description (like “engineer,” not “former NFL receiver”), but unfortunately, I think the producers are planning to paint him as the villain. It doesn’t seem like the established set of guys likes him at all, which is generally a sign that he’s not genuine on camera, and he seems a little too slick to have good intentions. I agreed with what Riley said last week about him: “Where I come from, we’d call guys like you lunchmeat.” Lunchmeat or just sketchy? Either way, he’s not impressing me.

Honorable Mention:

Bennett: He’s only really funny as a meme. Any time he actually tries to make a romantic move, I immediately stop liking him, but he’s too funny to completely dislike. His love for face masks is hilarious, his roasts of Dale were spot-on — even though it almost got him kicked off — he actually thought he’d be taken seriously going to a cocktail party in a bathrobe, and I think he’s a great person to help “stir the pot” without actually being involved in the drama. There’s no way he’s in the top four, but his character is memorable and also probably guarantees him a future with the Bachelor franchise.

There’s my thoughts on this season of “The Bachelorette!” I think I’ve got the whole season figured out, but knowing Chris Harrison and ABC, I am most likely completely wrong. I hope you all do well on your finals and take care of yourselves in the last push of this semester!