My Favorite Drugstore Products for Curly Hair

Taking care of curly hair can sometimes be a chore. Hair, in general, can have a mind of its own. For years, I have tried various products at different price points. I was determined to find excellent products that suit my hair. After many trials and errors, I figured out that you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to get good results. Here are some of my current top picks of hair products from the drugstore

  1. The first product that I use to finger detangle my hair is hair milk. Hair milk is the lightweight version of the leave-in conditioner. There are numerous kinds of hair milk that serve different purposes. I like this particular one because it combats frizz. For those that do not have thick hair, hair milk can benefit those with fine hair as it can help with hydration.

  2. Leave-in conditioner adds additional nutrients to your hair after you wash your hair. I like to use a combination of spray and creme leave-in conditioners. This product not only adds shine to your hair but it also leaves your hair smelling very good.

  3. Hair masks are a vital part of my hair care routine. I try to use a hair mask once a week to add moisture back to my hair. I enjoy this product in particular because they are made to be used three different ways: conditioner, hair mask and leave-in conditioner. This line offers hair masks to nourish, smooth, color enhance, strengthen and repair damaged hair.

I am always open to switching up my hair routine. Because of drugstore pricing, I have the ability to try different products without making a dent in the bank. I hope these products help your curls to look flawless!