My Daily Skincare Routine

When I first started getting into skincare, I would look up different routines on Pinterest or YouTube and be completely overwhelmed by all of the different steps and products that people use. I had no idea where to start or what the right way to do anything was, but I eventually just started trying out different products to see what worked. Today, I have a regular face routine with five steps in it. I forget sometimes that this may seem like a lot to some people, but I can’t imagine breaking from this process. I often get questions about everything I do and how it all works, so I’m going to explain my routine. I have normal to combination skin type, and just remember that all of us have different bodies and different skin, so not every product will work the same way for everyone!

  1. 1. Wash Your Face (Twice a day)  

    I have very recently started using the Acure Brightening Cleansing Gel. I have also used Alba Botanica Deep Pore Wash and Pacifica Beauty Sea Foam. Also, I just started using the Mia Smart Clarisonic facial brush. This is definitely an investment (I received it as a gift for my birthday - thanks mom) but thankfully, many drugstores have cheaper versions. I can definitely notice a difference after using a facial brush to wash my face. Using your fingers to wash your face simply adds more oils and cannot get into your pores the way that the bristles can. My Clarisonic has a custom timer that tells me when to move to each section of my face - twenty seconds on my forehead, twenty seconds on my nose and chin and ten seconds on each cheek, down to my neck. This can give you a reference for how much time to spend washing!

  2. 2. Toner

    If you are looking to add any extra steps to your routine, this is the one. Toner is a gamer changer, my friends. It helps to remove extra dirt, oil, makeup and dead skin cells, along with controlling the pH balance in your skin. I am currently using the Thayer Witch Hazel Toner, which seems like a very popular go-to right now. I have also used and loved Burt's Bees Toner and Pixi Glow Tonic. Apply toner with a cotton round and rub it on your face in a gentle upwards motion. Let it soak in before moving on to your next step.

  3. 3. Serum

    Using a serum is probably the most “extra” step that I do and I’ve only recently started using one. Still, I think it’s worth it because I know I’m making an investment in my skin for forty years from now. I’m still in the process of finding my favorite one because the Palmer's skin oil shown above is the first one I’ve used but so far, it visibly evens out the color in my skin tone and really gives my skin a natural, glowy look. I just bought the MD Complete Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate that I’ve wanted to try for a while. The important things to look for in your serum are vitamin C and retinol.  These two ingredients help brighten and even skin tone and make your skin firmer by fighting against wrinkles. Your early twenties are the crucial time to start protecting your skin if you want to decrease the appearance of wrinkles when you’re older.

  4. 4. Eye Cream

    Similar to the purpose of serums, using eye creams now can especially help work against fine lines around your eyes. Most eye creams also really help reduce puffiness and dark under-eye circles that likely every college student has had to deal with from lack of sleep. The one I’m using is actually a rollerball from Pixi that goes on very cool and refreshingly and always helps me feel more awake. This is my favorite product to use in the morning.

  5. 5. Moisturize

    Absolutely never go without moisturizer. Even if you have oily skin, skipping moisturizer will ultimately dry out your skin further and actually cause even more clogged pores. The key is really testing out different products that work well with your skin type. In the morning, I use a moisturizer that has SPF in it and at night, I use one without. If the moisturizer you use in the mornings doesn’t have SPF, you will 100% need to apply sunscreen meant for your face on top of your moisturizer. Protecting your skin, especially directly on your face, is so important. Even if it’s not necessarily hot outside, your skin always needs protection from the sun.

Finding a routine and your own list of products that work best for you is the most important thing. I try to stick to this routine twice a day, but sometimes simply do not have time and will just do a quick wash in the morning. Either way, there is nothing better than a fresh, clean face and taking the time to pay attention to my skin has allowed me to love my natural face. Remember that healthy skin cannot be achieved by good products alone; the foods you eat, staying very hydrated and the amount of exercise and sleep you get has just as much of an effect on the way your skin looks. I hope reading through my routine has given you some new ideas about what to incorporate in your own. Healthy skin is a journey of trial and error, so be patient and love your skin no matter where you’re at!