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My favorite time of the year is here! And with the chaos of 2020, I can sure use a holiday. I’m spending December cozied up in a bundle of blankets, hot cocoa in hand, and meditating away the stress of online classes and the pandemic. To prepare for my much anticipated “vacation,” I’ve already bulked up on all the holiday goodies. Here’s a list of some of my favorite products, which are sure to put you in a “home for the holidays” mood.

Yummy Scents

My go-to air freshener this season is Mrs. Meyer’s Peppermint Room Freshener. Many room sprays use harsh chemicals, but this brand takes pride in using kinder materials, like essential oils and a non-aerosol container. With just a couple sprays, my room smells like I’m surrounded by candy canes. 

If you’re looking for a holiday-themed candle that will last literally FOREVER, then the Bath and Body Works Champagne Toast candle is for you. My roommate bought this and we’ve been blown away by its delicious winter-y scent and long life. I dislike when candles burn out quickly or have minimal scent, but this candle has made our home consistently smell like frosted berries for over a month! It’s definitely a candle that creates a welcoming holiday atmosphere and is the perfect background scent for holiday Zoom get-togethers.

Sherpa Jackets

I’d never had anything sherpa until I found the perfect leopard print sherpa jacket and soon realized the level of cozy I’d been missing my whole life. The soft, fluffy fabric is sure to keep you warm all winter. I really love Aerie’s OFFLINE Sherpa because of the retro ski vibes or winter cabin getaway vibes it gives me. And, Aerie offers a matching jacket for your dog! This would be perfect for a little in-home photoshoot with your pet.

Delicious Drinks

During the holidays, I always need a mug of hot cocoa or tea at the ready. Although these drinks aren’t necessarily holiday themed, they’re sure to put you in the spirit of the season. I love to drink these while snuggled up in my sherpa, watching my favorite classic holiday movie.

My favorite hot chocolate right now is Sillycow Farms Hot Chocolate. Some of my favorite flavors are the Chocolate Moo-usse and the Chocolate Peppermint Twist. Because I’m obsessed with chocolate, especially dark chocolate, I love this brand due to its cocoa’s rich textures and creamy flavor. I like to make mine with cream and milk, but almond milk tastes delicious too!  

I’ve tried tons of chai teas and this one tops all chai teas—even the ones from coffee shops! Third Street Chai mixes herbs and spices like ginger into the chai, as well as vanilla and honey to make the most delicious spicy and sweet chai. Also, you don’t have to mix in any powder because this chai is pre-made. All you have to do is add your choice of milk. This is a must-try drink!


If you’re looking for products to make a home-y, holiday atmosphere, then these scents, sherpas and drinks are for you. I love that these put me into the holiday spirit but aren’t so over the top Christmas-y that you can use them all year long! These are sure to make your life a little more comfy cozy.

Hi my name is Eliza Jewell! I am studying dance and business at UMKC. Some of my interests include yoga, dance fitness, volleyball, and painting. In my free time, I can be found binge watching cartoons or hanging out with my friends.
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