The Most Important One Liners in Frozen 2

Disney surprised fans by releasing “Frozen 2” on Disney Plus last week. To celebrate, I suggest you try their 7-day free trial or just get a membership already, because it’s so worth it. This movie means so much to me and so many others. It offers lessons about self-discovery, courage, embracing emotions, the true meaning of love and so much more. The music is fantastic, the graphics are breathtaking and the character development is both heart wrenching and well-executed. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the movie. 

“We’re calling this controlling what you can control when things feel out of control.” -Olaf

During the whole movie, Olaf is experiencing an emotional crisis in regards to his aging. After everyone gets kicked out of Arendelle in an uncontrollable situation, Olaf finds something to lighten the mood and entertain himself. 

“You feel what you feel and your feelings are real.” -Sven

At this part in the movie, I literally gasped. I love that Disney is encouraging the most prominent male character not only to feel his feelings, but to sing about them. So often, our loved ones just need to know that their feelings are valid. This was a great moment for Kirstoff’s character to develop and process his feelings around the difficult situation he’s in with Anna, and this line was the catalyst behind it all. 

“All one can do is the next right thing.” -Grand Pabbie

This quote, which turned into Anna’s big solo, is a great life lesson. At confusing moments, sometimes it helps to focus on the next step instead of worrying about everything else.

“You are not responsible for their choices!” -Anna

This line from Anna hit me straight in the heart. Elsa’s parents died trying to discover the reason for her powers, so Elsa feels she is responsible for her parents’ deaths. Anna pulls her back, reminding her she is responsible for her own choices only. This is an amazing lesson for all ages and is a great opportunity for parents to discuss emotional responsibility with their kids.

“Fear can’t be trusted.” -Elsa

Elsa says this line in response to her grandfather who prepares to ambush the Northuldra during a peaceful, unarmed meeting. This marks a big shift in Elsa’s character since she began the film scared of risk. After this, she takes the biggest risk of all by following the memories deeper into the cave, which leads to her near-death.

“I’m here. What do you need?” -Kristoff

This moment had audiences all over the world swooning. After a long separation, Anna and Kristoff’s reunion is marked by these words. Anna is in the process of uncovering the past to save the forest, and Kristoff swoops in to help her get there. He’s showing us what a mature relationship looks like: supporting your partner, even when it doesn’t make perfect sense. 

“Show yourself... Step into your power... Grow yourself.” -Elsa

These are lyrics from Elsa’s power ballad near the end of the film. Two of the greatest themes in this movie are self-discovery and self-empowerment. The song begins with Elsa singing to the voice she is hearing, but soon Elsa realizes that she is the one she’s chasing, and that’s how she uncovers the truth behind their past.

These are some of the greatest quotes and lessons from “Frozen 2,” but it barely taps the surface. Additionally, if you want to learn more about Disney Plus, read this honest review.