A Little Late With Lilly Singh

Let’s talk about Lilly Singh. Now, if you don’t know who she is, it’s time you found out. Lilly Singh is the host of “A Little Late With Lilly Singh,” which premieres on NBC on September 16, 2019. Why is she such a big deal? Well, Lilly started as nothing more than a girl with a webcam on YouTube.

She began her channel in 2010, posted twice a week and vlogged on the daily. Lilly is the first POC, Asian, bisexual night time host. She is the epitome of a woman climbing up to the top by carving her way out of sheer willpower. If I had to name someone who makes me proud to be a female, I would name her. She created her YouTube channel to make herself happier when she was struggling with depression. She currently has nearly 15 million subscribers on her main channel and three million on her vlog channel. 

In this new jump into a primarily white division of entertainment, the pressure is on. "’There's a small part of me that's like, 'Is everyone going to like this?'" She told The Hollywood Reporter. "That's obviously a fear. But I'm going to do what I've always done, which is make something that I think is good, that is authentic to me. That's what has gotten me my success thus far." This line alone gives off so much of who Lilly is — true to herself and what she believes. She would never put her heart into anything that she herself can’t design from the blueprint to the building itself. One example of this is her song “Voices.” She created the song and the music video herself. When it didn’t come out exactly as she wanted by her editor, she pulled an all nighter to make the scenes fit exactly as she pictured it on her own.

She hasn’t changed as she stepped into her new shoes as a television host — she handed out unicorn slippers to her writers when she came in for her pitch meeting, keeping her fun and comfort side alive even in the work environment.

She had insane dreams, like meeting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who now not only met her, but also mentored her and created many videos with her as well. Some of Singh’s most iconic lines were to her manager Sarah Weichel, "I'll never forget, the first thing she said to me was that she wanted world domination. That was the thing that really drew me to her, how ambitious she was," (also from The Hollywood Reporter). It's clear that Lilly is not stopping as the trailblazer for so many women everywhere. We can do anything. You wanna meet Nick Jonas? Go get it, girl. We got this in the bag. Anyway, give it up for Lilly Singh for making women proud everywhere. I see you Lilly, and I’m with you.