How to Stay Productive During the Shutdown

A lot of schools are shutting down this next week. This is a good thing, after all, student safety takes priority above anything else. However, I’ll confess that I’m worried about being isolated in my apartment all day. A Netflix binge might be fun for one day, but an entire week will make the mind rot.

After doing some digging, I’ve collected a couple of tips on how to keep productive when everything should be done from home.

  1. 1. Keep in contact

    Humans are social creatures. Being totally alone with one bad news alert after another is disastrous for one’s mental health. If you feel comfortable, invite your friends over for a relaxing night in. Maybe even work from home with some buddies. Skype is also a great option if you don’t want to risk infection.

  2. 2. Work out

    Working out keeps one productive, and you don’t need to go to a gym to get a session in. If your gym is closed, there are plenty of YouTube channels that’ll help you be active.

  3. 3. Go for a walk

    I’m not suggesting going to any big events, but just being outside can reduce stress. This could be anything from reading at a local park to just walking around outside. Choose something that’ll get you outside of your apartment for just a moment or two.

  4. 4. Take up a new hobby

    There are plenty of good online resources to learn all kinds of skills, from drawing to cooking. If there’s something that you’ve been wanting to try for a while, these courses might help keep your mind off the newscycle for a moment.

I hope these tips will be of some help. It’s important to take care of both our mental and physical health. Even though these times are without a doubt stressful, it’s important to find little lights until we reach the end of this tunnel.