How to Deal with the Kansas City Cold

The Kansas City winter is upon us! The walks to and from classes are unbearable once again, but don’t worry, it will be over in four months. We already had our first taste of icy streets and snow-covered trees and we can only expect that to become more frequent as it gets colder. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite ways to stay warm and cozy this winter.

  1. 1. Invest in a Winter Coat

    If you don’t already have a winter coat, you should get one! A warm winter coat makes all the difference when walking to and from your classes outside. Stores like Kohl’s have plenty of cute options and coupons online too. You can even drop off those Amazon packages you have been meaning to return for free and receive an extra coupon.

  2. 2. Commuters, Beware!

    If you are a commuter, allow extra driving time to your classes. The roads are slick when the infamous Kansas City ice storms hit, so be careful. Waking up earlier is truly sad, but allowing yourself to get to class on time is better in the long run. Check out the emergency snow route maps here––these streets are cleared first––to make your route to classes even safer!

  3. 3. Layers are Important

    Stop by your favorite store (like Target) and pick up some fuzzy socks and a scarf. I know my typical outfit in the winter is leggings and a sweater.  Pair that up with fuzzy socks tucked into your snow boots and no cold will stop you. Layers are key in the winter because UMKC classrooms tend to get hot.

  4. 4. Slow and Steady

    Watch your step on campus! With the cold wind blowing in your face, you probably want to walk a little quicker, but you don’t want to fall. Last year, Snapchat was flooded with videos of all of us slipping and sliding in front of the Student Union and Miller Nichols Library. You will get to class eventually, just take your time.

Stay warm, collegiates. Treat yourself to nights in with your favorite snacks and hot cocoa. I suggest a night in binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix all cozy on your couch. Don’t let this winter get the best of you!