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Okay ladies, I know you all have heard this amazing love story about how your aunt found the love of her life in college and your parents were college sweethearts. Also, you can’t forget that your best friend is always around her boyfriend and even your high school friends seem to have found long term boyfriends or girlfriends. Although you might be lonely at times and it looks like you will never find anybody to date, keep in mind that being single is FUN. Here are some things to remember as you go through college.


Don’t pity yourself

Do not waste this precious time of your life by letting yourself wallow in self-pity by complaining you are the only one without a date on a Friday night or that you have no one to spend Valentine’s Day with. Listen here honey, use this time for you! Use this time to be selfish, so go spend your money on yourself. Go get your nails done or buy a new dress. The opportunities are endless when you don’t have another person to worry about. If you find an amazing opportunity across the state or country, take it! You have nothing holding you back. The world is at your fingertips. Use this time to seize it, one goal at a time.

Play the field

This is the perfect time in your life to figure out what you want or not want in a boy. Heck, go on a date with multiple guys a week. Take advantage of that free dinner, college isn’t cheap my ladies. Kick the douches to the curb and keep around the ones that you like. But always remember that if they don’t treat you with the utmost respect you deserve, there are other fish in the sea. 

Learn about yourself

Take this time in your life to get to know yourself. Figure out what your endeavors or your passions are. Spend Saturdays curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee and your favorite book or spend them exploring your favorite parts of Kansas City. This is the period in your life where you can truly focus and take care of yourself. Enjoy it.

You have your whole life to spend with someone

Use this part in your life to become comfortable in your own presence. This is a  cliché saying, but in my opinion it is so true. Have you ever heard the quote, “Love yourself first, because that’s who you will be spending the rest of your life with?” Yeah, that’s right, self-love is an important aspect of being single.

Being single is fun even when it seems like it is the most unpopular label when it comes to relationships. However, it is important to remember that you are in college to further your studies, not a relationship. Keep your priorities straight as they can be easy to forget. Also, don’t rush the pace at which your life is heading. It’s okay to be happy wherever you are at in life, especially if you are taking the world on by yourself. 


Hannah is currently a sophomore at UMKC, majoring in Pre-Pharmacy. She is a feminist & a Jesus Lover. She enjoys listening to alternative music, fashion, and the color yellow. Hannah is a supporter of G2 pens and loves meeting new people!
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