How Ariana Grande Made An Impact in 2018

With all the new music coming out in 2018, it is hard to keep track of some bops. Our favorite girl Ariana Grande made her grand comeback to the music industry after taking a much-needed hiatus. Grande’s new album “Sweetener”, which debuted at number one on Billboard’s Top 200 Chart and had the largest streaming week ever for a pop album by a woman, Grande herself claimed this album to be one her favorites yet. Sweetener empowered everyone with uplifting lyrics about love, confidence, and being the baddest you could be.  Let’s dive into every single Ariana released this year and what we have gained from it.

No Tears Left to Cry

Starting off her grand comeback, the first single she released was No Tears Left to Cry. Not only did it top multiple charts and currently has almost a billion views on YouTube, but it also sets the tone of her new album. No Tears Left to Cry is the Pop Princess’ first single since the heartbreaking tragedy in Manchester. This left the singer traumatized and resulted in her taking a much-needed break. Coming back into the music scene, this long-awaited single pushes the uplifting message of looking into the future with a positive mindset. It reminds us that the past has its downsides,  and it humbles people to deal with it in the most effective way. This is a reminder not only to her fans but to herself.


God Is a Woman

Ariana has always been known as a very strong, open-minded woman. She proves that with the brave release of “God is a Woman.” At first, I thought this song was going to be very ballad-esque. But,  I was proven wrong. It’s rather risque but in an uplifting, feminist way! Even with seductive lyrics, Grande integrates an empowering message stating that women are capable of doing things that people doubt of them to do and women can be in a position of power. The music video has even more empowering images such as Ariana mimicking “The Thinker” whilst having words thrown at her where she remains unbothered. Ariana is also seen shattering the glass ceiling, the barrier society has created between men and women.



The third single off Sweetener, Grande’s breathin’, is about her struggle with anxiety and the events that have recently occurred in her life. She opened up more about it in her recent Vogue interview, “ My anxiety has anxiety… I've always had anxiety. I've never really spoken about it because I thought everyone had it, but when I got home from tour it was the most severe I think it's ever been.” The lyrics of this single address her struggles and are intended to share her struggle with mental health with her fans as a way to help others who battle with similar issues.


thank u, next

“thank u, next” took almost everyone by surprise when Grande quickly dropped this single off her new album. Not only has this song broken records already, but the lyrics also showcase Ariana’s newfound confidence. She not only name-drops her exes but also thanks them for teaching her about love, patience and even pain. Through all of this, she’s grown into the humble and confident person she now is and inspires everyone else to do the same. Ariana proves how much of a role model she is to her fans to being brave enough to show the world her vulnerability.


In 2018, Ariana Grande came back and set the record for being the most empowering and motivational artist this year. We are all ready to see what she comes up with next.