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Halloween Costume Ideas for Short Dark Hair

Early October, I decided to get a big chop and cut off about a foot of my hair. My head is so much lighter and my hair is so much easier to deal with, but this has forced me to rethink all of the Halloween costume ideas I had been considering for months. It felt like the number of Halloween costume ideas for long dark hair are endless, but for short dark hair, it is a lot harder to come by. So I came up with my own list and I hope that this is helpful for y’all!

Sam Manson from “Danny Phantom”

You have a few options with this costume, but my personal fave is her prom outfit. It’s a lacy long sleeve shirt with a tank top and corset on top, paired with a long purple skirt.

Mavis from “Hotel Transylvania”

This costume is pretty easy, since the primary outfit of Mavis’ is a short sleeve black dress, sheer long sleeve undershirt, black and red tights and red shoes.

Mia Wallace from “Pulp Fiction”

If you don’t have any of the rest of the costumes on hand, you have to have this one. All you need is a long sleeve button down white shirt and black slacks with black flats.

Edna Mode from “The Incredibles”

Edna’s costume is unique, so I would recommend buying the actual thing or making a simplified version out of a black shirt and black skater skirt. The glasses are a must too.

Toph from “Avatar: The Last Airbender” 

This is another costume that I’d recommend making or buying because of all of the components.

Buttercup from “The Powerpuff Girls”

This costume is pretty easy because you could essentially just wear a lot of green that is the same shade as Buttercup’s, and you’re good to go.

Snow White

You could go full out and buy or make the classic Snow White costume, or you could use primary colors from her outfit to put a modern twist on it.

The doll from “Squid Games”

For this costume, you just need a short sleeve yellow button down, an orange dress, knee high white socks and black shoes.

Betty Rubble from “The Flintstones”

This costume is literally so easy to make that I’m sure you could find a light blue dress and make adjustments for the actual look.

Velma from “Scooby Doo”

There are only four real components to this costume: the orange turtleneck (or just a shirt), red skirt, the glasses and red shoes, so even if you don’t already own these things, you could access them easily.

A Loki variant 

This costume is also easy because you could wear something green that is the same usual shade that Loki wears, paired with Loki’s classic head piece, and you’re good to go.

Raven from “Teen Titans”

The cool thing about this one is the different versions of Raven to choose from. You have a few choices, like her classic “Teen Titans” look or her ”everyday look” in these drawings.

Allison from “The Breakfast Club”

Allison is well-known for her grungy look at the beginning of the movie versus her preppy look at the end, so I recommend going with the former. All you really need is a long dark skirt, long sleeve black shirt or sweater that is very long, boots and a sling bag.

Kiki from “Kiki’s Delivery Service”

You could probably find what you need for this costume pretty easily since it calls for a black dress, big red hair bow, nude flats and, optionally, a broom.

Rapunzel from the end of “Tangled”

Rapunzel is best known for what she wears and after her big chop at the end of her movie. She’s a little unrecognizable, so I would recommend buying the actual costume or making a simplified version with the colors and basic components of the dress.

A great bonus to these options is that for a lot of them, you could turn them into couple’s or group costumes if you wanted to! Many of these characters have love interests and/or are surrounded by friends! Ultimately, Halloween is a time to dress differently and have fun, so if you really want to do a costume idea based off of a character that has long hair, it’s not that big of a deal either. Enjoy yourself and choose something that seems right to you.

Mahreen is currently a senior studying Political Science, International Relations and Pre Law. In her free time she enjoys reading books about politics and watching foreign films. She is passionate about helping people, social justice and self care.
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