Grown-ish: The Epitome of College Life And Why You Need To Watch It

I enjoy watching television shows when I have the time for it. Most of the shows that I like to watch are comedy shows, and if you’re like me, you will enjoy Grown-ish. Last year, Freeform premiered the Black-ish spinoff series, Grown-ish. The show begins with Zoey navigating the trials and tribulations of college. Along the way, she meets some of her closest friends that make her freshman year memorable. Being a college student myself, I was surprised by how accurately the show depicted the college lifestyle. Here are some reasons why you need to check out Grown-ish:

1. The Diversity 

Zoey’s six core friends are different and unique in their own ways. Zoey’s freshman roommate, Ana, is a child of Cuban immigrants with very strong conservative views. Nomi is a Jewish American. She is bisexual and is very open about her sexuality on campus as the show progresses, but she has not come out to her parents yet. Vivek, child of devout Indian Hindu parents, breaks stereotypes as he attempts to upkeep his “cool” streak while maintaining his squeaky clean image to his parents. Luca is very chill and is known for his trendsetter outfits. Twins Jaz and Sky, both of whom are student athletes, always provide the group with sassy responses. Aaron depicts himself as “woke” even though there are still issues that he needs to be schooled on. Despite their differences, they offer a new perspective on numerous scenarios.  

2. It's Relatable 

There are many issues that Zoey and her friends go through that many of us have experienced during our college career. The show isn’t afraid of showing its viewers what college life is actually like. From late night girl talk at the dorms to deciding whether it’s the right choice to drop a class, Zoey and her friends come together to work through these issues even if their friendships may be strained along the process. Additionally, the show covers deeper issues such as consent, advocating for rights, respecting others political views and racial prejudice in the dating realm.

3. The Soundtrack Lowkey Bops

I’m a sucker for good soundtracks. Grown-ish does not fail to provide bops in every episode. They actually have a playlist on Spotify that is updated weekly right before the premiere of each episode, which is super convenient if you like a song from the episode and want to find it quickly.

If you are interested in following Zoey’s adventures in her sophomore year or want to catch up on her freshman escapades, you can watch Grown-ish Wednesday’s at 8/7c on Freeform and anytime online with Hulu.