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With winter quickly approaching, that means dry skin and stress are coming along with it (I know, yikes!). Whether it’s a dry face, damaged hair or you just a need for a new perfume, these products are sure to leave you feeling fresh and satisfied. I have tried so many different things and have found these to be the most effective for a cheaper cost. I also love that most of these are easy to grab on your weekly Target/Walmart runs. Here are just a few of my go-to products for a relaxing spa night at home or just everyday use!


1. Neutrogena Moisturizing Hydro Boost Hydrating Face Mask  

This mask does AMAZING things for your face! It is denser than a sheet mask and contains a cool gel that is perfect for a relaxing night at home. Unlike other face masks, I really do see a difference in my skin afterward; it felt totally refreshed and smoother. My roommate and I love putting these on and binging romance movies after a long week. They are the perfect little gift for a friend who has been extra stressed out or a gift to yourself after a big exam.


2. Pomegranate & Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner by OGX

I purchased this shampoo and conditioner four months ago and both bottles are still over half full. Even though the bottles seem small, for the price it is a great deal. (A little really does go a long way!) Aside from the financial benefits, I love the smell of my hair after using these products and my hair feels weightless. One thing I love about the OGX brand is that they have several different shampoos and conditioners with different purposes, so there really is something for every hair type.


3. Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco by OGX 

This product is a staple in my hair routine and I personally cannot imagine what my hair would look like without using it. I use it after every hair wash and it makes my hair feel so much smoother. I even use it when my hair is frizzy from being in a messy bun all day and it adds so much more life and volume to my hair. It works great by helping to detangle your hair while providing hydration. If you want silky smooth hair, I recommend giving this product a shot.


4. Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs 

I recently started using this perfume and I LOVE IT! It has a very light and flowery scent that is perfect for any season. It wears well all day, which I have had trouble with in the past with other perfumes. Marc Jacobs also has many other flowery scents to choose from, so you can choose the perfect fit for you. Even the bottle is beautiful!  If you are looking for a new perfume to try, I highly recommend looking into this one.


5. Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub by Lush 

This all-over body scrub is great for the dry season because it removes scaly skin and leaves you smelling fresh and feeling hydrated. The scent is a mixture of sea salt, mimosa and orange blossom. It is also an excellent exfoliator to use before shaving! If you’ve never been to a Lush store, I would highly recommend it. All of their products are vegetarian, cruelty-free and they are handmade by real people (a sticker on each product even tells you who made it and when). I personally love the environment of their stores because they have such helpful and friendly employees. Lush has a little something for your parents, friends and S/O’s, so make sure to stock up on some holiday gifts!


I’ve found all of these brands reliable, so if a product from this list doesn’t work for you, you can try similar products from these brands. It’s important to keep up with the quick weather approaching by taking care of yourself and hopefully these products will save you from a terrible skin/hair day.


Alison is a biology major and a writer for Her Campus UMKC. She spends her weekends binge watching The Office, munching on Chipotle and cuddling up with her cat. Her favorite quote is: "a day without laughter is a day wasted."
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