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Four Shoes You Can Find On the Size 10 Clearance Rack

Okay, if your shoe size is size seven or below, I apologize. This article will probably not make a whole lot of sense for you. If your shoe size is a 10 or above, like me, read on. I’ve been a size 10 shoe size since early high school, and throughout that time, I have really struggled to find good shoes, especially those on sale. Some people can go to TJ Maxx or DSW and find a great pair of shoes for half-off all the time. Me? Almost never. Instead, I find the same kinds of shoes on every clearance rack as soon as I move from size 6 to 10. 

The MASSIVE stilettos

No matter what shoe store I go to, what season it is or how busy the store is, I always find a pair of massive stilettos in my size. I’m all about self-confidence, but when I’m already 5’11”, wearing four-inch heels gives me the opposite of confidence. Take it from high-school me, the comments you get wearing even two-inch heels and towering over almost everyone can really make you question why you’re wearing heels at all. I know other women who are wearing size 10 shoes probably are about as tall as me too, so I guess it’s no surprise that the heels remain on the clearance rack. 

The loafers

Listen, I know that loafers can be cool. I actually own a couple of pairs of loafers myself. They are a great pair of shoes that are both work-friendly and comfortable. However, the loafers you find on the size 10 clearance rack are almost always not cute. We’re talking more Skechers, less Chanel. The worst is when they are actually orthopedic shoes, so they have all sorts of padding that keep the shoe permanently comfortable and unfashionable. 

The Grandma brands
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Similar to the loafers, “Grandma” brands are those shoes that look like your grandma bought them after saying something like, “I used to be able to wear those, but now my doctor recommends these.” Luckily for grandmas, these kinds of shoes are plentiful on the size 10 clearance rack. Characteristics of these shoes include any sort of clog design, exposed buttons, stitching or buckles, and various shades of brown or washed-out black. I really wish I could figure out how to make these my style, but for now, I just keep looking. 

The Jewel

Okay, there’s no picture of this shoe because these are a very rare find. Every once in a blue moon, you can actually find a good pair of shoes. The shoes could be sandals, sneakers, flats, boots or something else, but when you find them, you know they’re the one. I found some platform sandals last summer that dress up every outfit I pair them with! You can wear them for years with the knowledge that you found great shoes at a great price; and more importantly, you’ll always go back to the clearance rack knowing the small chance of finding a new best pair.

I hope your own experiences with the clearance rack are better than my experiences. Is there a specific store where you find your shoes? Where are the best deals? If you know, please let me know– but only if you also wear size 10.

Hi, my name is Caroline Moriarty, and I'm a senior at UMKC majoring in Political Science and minoring in International Studies and Anthropology. I am involved with College Democrats, Student Government Association, the College of Arts and Sciences, and St. Paul's Outreach on campus. I am passionate about helping students become more informed about the world they live in, both locally and beyond.
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