Everything You Need to Know About Face Halo

Hopefully, you have heard of one of the newest makeup remover products on the market, Face Halo. The makeup remover pads are designed with microfibers that are especially good at removing all of the makeup out of your pores. All you need to do is wet the pad with water and it is ready to go. I decided to invest in one because, like many of us, I spend too much money on makeup remover wipes and oils that only do a mediocre job. Not only is the money a huge problem, but going through that many wipes and cotton balls cannot be good for the environment. For only $22, I received three Face Halos, either in white or black. I wanted to see just how much makeup they were taking off my skin, so I chose white.

I was extremely shocked at how well this product works. It removed my lipstick, foundation, mascara and eyeliner with only a few swipes. Some of the reviews for Face Halo’s products complained about not fully removing eye-makeup, but for me, it was easily removed, although I’m sure waterproof eye-makeup is more resistant. Since only water is added to the plush pads, it is much less intense on your skin like other removers can be. They are also non-toxic and recyclable.

If you wear makeup every day, then it might be frustrating to have only three pads, though they are double sided so you could extend them to six uses. To wash them, you can either hand-wash them with dish soap or throw them in with your laundry. They are each good for around 200 machine washings, which would make them good for almost two years (that is, if you are using them every day). I, however, prefer washing them by hand because I didn’t find that machine washing them was very effective at cleaning them. Of course, after the first use, the white pad now has a little discoloration from my foundation, but that doesn’t affect its ability to remove the makeup.

This is truly one of the most amazing products out on the market because not only does it do a great job at removing makeup, but it also helps the environment and lowers the cost of makeup remover products. I highly recommend investing in this unique product to give your wallet and the environment a little relief.