The DO’s and DON'Ts of Packing

With spring break around the corner, many people are going to be heading out of town. Packing can be stressful and time-consuming. Whether you’re taking a two hour road trip or trekking across the globe, here are some tips I use to pack light and efficient.

First, you need to make a list of the bare necessities for your trip. I know we all love to overpack, but when it comes down to what to bring and what not to bring having a list will help eliminate this problem. Go off your list, get all of you items together and lay them out.

Secondly, Roll your shirts as it saves so much room when packing and allows more space for your other items, which is always a plus. Put all your socks, swimsuits, etc. in your shoes to gain space in your suitcase.

When dealing with jewelry for necklaces, use a straw and thread your necklace through the straw to reduce tangled jewelry.

For clothing always pack an extra outfit, because you’ll never know what will happen. Again, don't overpack. You can avoid this by picking outfits for each day and knowing what you're going to wear, rather than just guessing and putting extra clothes in your luggage.

With packing liquids never forget to put them in zip lock bags to just in case those items spill or bust open. Remember, to check the liquid restrictions if you're traveling on an airplane.

Speaking of airplanes, if you're traveling on one, use your carry-on to pack your most valuable and essential items. Say your luggage gets lost, at least you will have an outfit in your carry-on with you. All of your technology should be in your carry on as well. Carry-ons should also hold your wallet, headphones, and items to keep you occupied while on your plane ride.

Never pack your whole closet and stick to your list. These are the basic do’s and don'ts of effective packing. Packing shouldn’t be something to worry about, to reduce your stress and last minute packing I hope these tips work for a successful trip. Don’t forget always start off with a list.