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Earlier this year, my dad took a new job in Omaha, Nebraska. I had only been there a few times prior to this year, but I took it upon myself to plan out every possible activity, restaurant and attraction we could enjoy while searching for the best new house for my family. While my list is still long due to COVID closures and limited time, I’ll share with you some of my favorite spots for a quick day trip.

Old Market

Old Market is the perfect place to start for any Omaha day trip. First, it’s close to the interstate that you’ll take from the south (Kansas City), so it works as the entry point to Omaha’s predominantly west-to-east structure. Second, the shops, murals and cobblestone streets encourage walking, which is a great way to stretch your legs after the drive. Finally, the restaurants in the area match whatever cuisine you’re craving. I’ve tried Wheatfields Express (1202 Howard Street) for delicious muffins and breakfast dishes and Shahi Indian Grill (1015 Farnham Street) for some bomb curries. 

Myrtle and Cypress Coffeehouse

After exploring a more tourist-friendly area, I would recommend more caffeine now to get you through the rest of the trip. Myrtle and Cypress Coffeehouse (517 N 33rd Street)  is the perfect place to enjoy a drink while enjoying the bountiful plants that fill the space. I tried a matcha rose latte, and I can now tell you that I actually know what rose tastes like! If you’re not a matcha fan, which is completely understandable, the loose leaf tea selection is expansive and their seasonal lattes looked amazing. 

Coneflower Creamery and Blackstone District

Now that you’re ready to go out and about again, look no further than the Blackstone District, located in midtown. Originally a place called “funeral row” because of all the empty mansions, this area has been revitalized with many restaurants, bars and other services. Unfortunately, I couldn’t explore much when I was there because I was woefully underdressed for the weather (mid-30s and freezing rain). However, my mom was undeterred by my suffering and decided that the family was going to get ice cream at Coneflower Creamery (3921 Farnam Street). She chose a hot chocolate with ice cream, and it was exactly what you’d expect: a mix of hot and cold that’s undeniably sweet. Other flavors that I would come back for in the summer include malted milk chocolate, Grandma Minnie’s lemon bar and farmer’s market street corn!

Tasty Pizza

A necessary last stop on any Omaha day trip is to the local pizza joint Tasty Pizza (5423 Leavenworth Street). Located in what looks like an actual house, Tasty Pizza makes $5 personal-sized pizzas with all kinds of different toppings. You can either pick which pizza you’d like all for yourself, or do what my family did and order a bunch to try. Some of our favorites were the bacon gouda, Mediterranean and buffalo chicken, but they also have the classics like pepperoni, supreme and veggie. The crust is not too thick, but still soft, and the toppings are evenly distributed. Make sure to call a bit early though — the line is usually out the door!

I hope this article is helpful when planning your day trip to Omaha. The 2.5-hour drive is just enough time to feel like you’ve taken a trip but also enough time to sleep in your own bed at the end of the day. This summer, I hope to spend more time in Omaha and see more of the museums and parks — hope you’ll do some exploring too

Hi, my name is Caroline Moriarty, and I'm a senior at UMKC majoring in Political Science and minoring in International Studies and Anthropology. I am involved with College Democrats, Student Government Association, the College of Arts and Sciences, and St. Paul's Outreach on campus. I am passionate about helping students become more informed about the world they live in, both locally and beyond.
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