Complete this Bucket List before You Graduate

I’m graduating this spring, and even though the pandemic has stopped a lot of my on-campus activities, I still remember daily rituals that my classmates and I would do on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis. I think every college has special rituals, and it’s been fun for me to think about my college experience and what made UMKC special. Between now and the end of the semester, I’m completing my bucket list of UMKC memories, and I challenge all graduating seniors to do the same, or to create your own bucket list!

  1. 1. Take pictures on the roof of the Student Union.

    There’s a reason every single campus tour to UMKC climbs three flights of stairs — the view from the Student Union is absolutely amazing. The high rises on the Plaza, the Nelson-Atkins Museum and the residential neighborhoods to the west of campus combine to make a beautiful backdrop that is representative of Kansas City’s skyline. Taking a picture here in your cap and gown is the perfect way to show your friends and family why UMKC is truly Kansas City’s university. 

  2. 2. Get a bagel at Einstein’s.

    When I still had in-person classes, Einstein’s was the place I went to celebrate a good presentation, grab coffee before a late-night study session, get breakfast before my early morning classes and even meet friends after class. Before college, I only got sweet bagels, but at Einstein’s, my roommate got me to try the number-one bagel combination in the universe: a toasted Asiago bagel with garden veggie cream cheese. Try it and thank me later.

  3. 3. Study at one of the iconic library study spaces.

    I’m not sure about you all, but I’m getting senioritis worse than I did in high school. Procrastination is at an all-time high. Knowing this, I think studying is both good for all seniors and an integral part of a UMKC bucket list. Our library has so many memorable spaces that you can study and feel nostalgic in. Maybe you want to study at an individual desk with the blinders so you feel completely isolated. Maybe you want to study at the big tables on the first floor with the plugins hanging from the ceiling. Maybe you plan ahead and rent a study room so you can guarantee you have space. Whatever you choose, studying at the library is something you should do at least once before you graduate.

  4. 4. Meet a friend for coffee at Crows Coffee.

    Before the pandemic, Crows Coffee was the place I went any time I wanted to meet up with someone for a meeting, study session or just a regular catching up. As a freshman, I lived for the chocolate chai lattes, but as I got older, I slowly turned into an iced Americano person. Crows Coffee is currently offering online ordering and limited seating, so meet up with a friend to have a socially-distanced coffee date.

Every college has its traditions, and I think these have been my most positive UMKC traditions. I’d like to think that these are similar to what other students experienced, but I definitely missed some. Let me know your graduation bucket list!