Canonically LGBT+ Costumes For This Halloween

When you portray a character, you do so through your own identity, whether it may be racial, sexual or otherwise. Still, it’s nice to see character representation with your identity, like LGBT+ characters from networks and film industries, especially outside of niche genres such as anime’s BL/yaoi, yuri and movies themed ‘LGBT youth’. These are some characters and couples who canonically offer LGBT+ representation for you to bring to life this Halloween. Beware, spoilers ahead!

1. Hatsuharu Sohma (coupled with Yuki)

This lovely boy is the ox in “Fruits Basket.” He brings humor with his dark and light sides and makes us swoon with his aesthetic and adorable lack of directional sense. Haru also offers unrequited love for none other than Yuki. Episode nine of season one, “Yuki Was My First Love,” explains background to their relationship and makes us blush to wonder what it means when Haru tells Yuki, “Today I will make you mine.” In various episodes, Haru will run to Yuki with arms outstretched, grasp his chin intimately and always show concern for Yuki’s wellbeing. Haru’s words and actions equally annoy Yuki and make him blush and once exclaim ,“Why would you tell her [Honda san] that?” Later in season one, Yuki thanks Haru and acknowledges Haru’s protection of his emotional state when it comes to Aya. Portraying Haru lets you show love doesn’t have to be requited, though it might be, and you can still love strongly. He’s a good advocate for those who also don’t like to label themselves, instead to simply be unapologetically ‘me’.

2. Deadpool

This chaotic neutral character offers comic book readers and now film viewers humor with his body’s ability to withstand wounds through regeneration and his fighting tactics. Let’s not forget his sass and unrepentant language either. His morals are quite flippant, which is part of his charm and appeal as a “hero.” Deadpool is gendered as “he” but regarded as having “no sex and all sexes” by his co-creator. He is pansexual, according to writer Gerry Duggen, which means he’d fall for anyone without considering their gender. The co-creator, Fabian Nicieza explained his sexuality differently. In a tweet he said Deadpool is “whatever sexual inclination his brain tells him he is in that moment”. Deadpool’s fluidity in gender and love interests is proven through his dialogue and plenty of actions (for example, running around in high heels) in the comics. All in favor to bring more of that on screen? Deadpool is perfect for those who want to be unpredictable and a lover to any and all.

3. Marceline Abadeer (coupled with Bubblegum)

If you’re like me, you fell in love with Marceline from “Adventure Time” in an instant. A vampire who plays electric guitar and sings? How could you not! Marceline offers mischief and a twist on vampiric power throughout ten seasons of the show. While she has her own story arc that involves family and whether she wants immortality, her relationship with Princess Bubblegum puts her on this list. They share a developing relationship throughout the story, which wasn’t intentionally romantic, according to Adam Muto’s interview by TVGuide. That’s how it developed, thanks to former storyboard writer Rebecca Sugar and artist Hanna Nystromthe. The kiss that Marceline and Bubblegum share in the finale, as well as Marceline saying that she could hang out with Bubblegum “forever” in the episode, “The Dark Cloud” are strong examples of their relationship. Marceline is a good choice for those who want to be passionate through music and otherwise fun and easy going, with small bursts of vampiric power when provoked.

4. Ruby and Sapphire (couple)

“Steven Universe” is full of progressive ideas and creative concepts. Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship shows one of those ideas through their marriage, making them wives. Their fusion Garnet is a balance from opposite personalities and abilities. This assists in showing that in their relationship, though it contains arguments and differences, they work well together and conflicts are always resolved. Fusions can be made without romantic intent and sometimes on accident, as long as the proper steps are involved. However, Ruby says she wants to be with Sapphire even when they weren’t fused as Garnet. “The Question” is the episode where Ruby pops the question and, in “Reunited,” they are married. This relationship is perfect for a couple who wants to show opposites attract and can create something functional as well as beautiful.

These are only a couple of the many examples (as I’m sure “Sailor Moon” fans who read this ask, ‘How could you not include a classic?’) There’s also all of the characters from niche genres I mentioned, like Dramatical Murder with the character of Aoba (the anime version). I encourage you to keep digging if these characters didn’t tickle your fancy and if they did I encourage you to bring them to life in the way only you can.