The Best Insta-Astrology

The world of Instagram astrology is an interesting place, you have @costarastrology and then you have the accounts I want to tell you about. Maybe you have seen the posts on the Instagram explore page or simply on your friends’ stories with the tagline “MEEEE” underneath. I’m talking about those posts and memes about the zodiac signs— the ones with Ariana Grande making a face and a zodiac-relatable comment above it. Most of the time, they’re spot on and you can’t help but laugh. I have some favorite accounts that frequently grace my feed and I thought I could share them with you. 

  1. This is the account with all the relatable celebrity facial expressions. I find these posts to be the funniest and most relatable when I am scrolling through my feed. The cartoon and childhood movies that make up the majority of the posts from @glossy_zodiac, are what always make me come back to this account. Their posts also allow you to check out your sun, moon and rising signs, all of which are very accurate too! This account makes the posts that you are going to send to your friends, stating, “YOUUU” or, “MEEE."

  2. This account truly follows each zodiac season, so don’t let the username fool you. The stories are the best! You can test your zodiac knowledge every day and see if you are the typical Leo or Scorpio. The posts that are created for this account are hilarious and will give you all the celebrity zodiac content you need! The content from this Instagram account will give you a good laugh but will also have you thinking, “Hey, do I really do that?”

  3. 3. @cogey

    Now this account is special. The vintage vibe of all of Cogey’s content is… gorgeous. All of her content is original, starring herself and her art. She has the best captions if you want to simply learn more about the zodiac season we are in and manifestations to follow as we enter new ones. Definitely look at your sun, moon, and rising when checking out this account as well! Her content is absolutely stunning, so check it out and give her a follow.

I hope these accounts will provide you with the best astrology laughs like they have for me. Discovering the true meaning––or meme––about my sun, moon and rising signs is something I will always find super entertaining, and maybe you will too. Take a break from Tik Tok tarot reading and hop onto Instagram for a change of astrology scenery!