The Best Albums To Listen To During Winter Break

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely despise Winter and everything that it brings with it. However, even I must admit that cold, rainy days spent by the fireplace put me in the best mood to fall in love with new music. To help you get started with your own journey towards discovery, I’ve put together a list of three albums that are perfect for cozying up on a chilly day (even if you’re not boo’d up).

1. Melodrama by Lorde

Favorite tracks: Liability, Perfect Places, The Louvre, Green Light, Hard Feelings/Loveless

This album has a special place in my heart—each song is filled with powerful lyrics that tug at your heartstrings. “Liability,” for example, is a track that enables the audience to picture a girl whose strong emotion, self-awareness and fiery persona often scares people away. In the end, all she ever wants is to be truly accepted and valued for everything that she is. This is a feeling that some of us know too well; we may feel like we are too much—that our lives and our past and our emotions are too much to share with others. This album is about finally standing up for yourself, owning up to our emotions and not letting others invalidate your feelings.


2. Shawn Mendes by Shawn Mendes

Favorite tracks: Fallin’ All in You, In My Blood, Like to Be You, Mutual, Because I Had You

I was really blown away by this album! I will forever appreciate artists who are open, honest and vulnerable. In doing so, Shawn allowed listeners to enter the room with him as he expressed his deepest emotions and fears to another human being. Overall, the whole album sounded like it could have been an intimate conversation between two people.

One song that I’d like to mention is “In My Blood.” As someone who struggles with anxiety, this song captures the emotions that come with it in such a moving way. I remember blasting this song in my car and singing along because it felt so nice to finally be understood. With these things in mind, it is safe to say that Shawn has exceeded my expectations with this album—there are absolutely no skips!


3. Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves

Favorite tracks: Happy and Sad, Lonely Weekend, Rainbow, High Horse, Golden Hour

I first discovered Kacey when she opened for Harry Styles at one of his concerts. While watching her set, I remember thinking that her album had a unique and modern sound. Even though she’s a country artist, she experiments with soft pop and even incorporates vocal effects into her music. Kacey is also super relatable; for example, in the track “Happy and Sad” she reveals, “I’m the kind of person who starts getting kind of nervous when I’m having the time of my life.” Sometimes, we forget to live in the moment and enjoy ourselves because we know that it will all be over soon. Overall, with her heart-wrenching lyrics and catchy melodies, Kacey Musgraves single-handedly ruined my “I hate country” brand.

Curl up and listen to these cozy albums this winter! Even if you don’t normally listen to these artists, give them a chance because you might find your newest favorite song in the process!