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Avoid Fast Fashion, Try These Ethical Fashion Brands Instead

Listen, the majority of you collegiates reading this love shopping for new clothes. For me at least, the one thing burning my bank account besides paying for bills is the amount of purchases from H&M or Forever 21. That was, until I realized the amount of money I was spending on these brands for what I was getting. It was a common occurrence for a shirt from Forever 21 to be on its last leg after wearing it for just three times. Obviously, this shows the poor quality of their clothing, which counts as fast fashion.

Fast fashion is exactly what it sounds like: fast, trendy and budget-friendly. However, it also means that because of the trend replications, its low production and low quality, it’s quite detrimental to the environment. Out of 85% of the clothes that we consume every day, 3.8 billion pounds are sent to landfills every year. 

I know us college students love going straight to the affordable route, even when it comes to shopping for clothes. But instead of constantly throwing away items because they weren’t durable or because they’re not in style anymore, there’s definitely no harm in trying more sustainable fashion brands instead. But, the one downside to ethical shopping is the price that comes with it. Here are some of my favorite ethical brands that can not only help you buy better quality clothing that is long-lasting, but can also save your bank account.

A Million Elephants

More on the accessory side, A Million Elephants sells beautiful Eco-Friendly handbags, jewelry, scarves and even home goods all handcrafted in Laos. If you’re looking for something eco-friendly that will stay in its shape for a while, this brand should be your go-to.


If you’re looking for more comfortable and soft basics to add into your wardrobe, KOTN is the route to go. This astounding label works with farms in order to create the cotton that produces the natural softness in all of their clothing, and at a reasonable price. They also work across certified factories to guarantee fair conditions. 


Personally, I love thrifting! I mean, who doesn’t like finding unique vintage items you won’t find anywhere else? So, tie that in with online shopping and with finding ethical brands at a reasonable price and you have ThredUP.  It has everything from dresses and tops to handbags and jewelry. You’ll find almost all kinds of sustainable brands at almost half the retail price.


I know what a hassle it is to clean out your closet and find clothes that  you’ve never worn or only worn once and never saw the light of day again. This was me until I was recommended to try Nuuly, a monthly subscription for clothes. With a variety of brands, you get to choose six clothing items to have as your own for just one month! It saves you so much room in your closet, plus it helps you explore your style a bit more.

There are many accessible sustainable brands out there that you could choose from. While saving yourself the dread of having to buy a new dress due to its deteriorating quality, try a more eco-friendly approach and shop ethical. You’re not only saving your bank account but you’re helping the environment.

Samira is currently a Business Administration Marketing major and Communications minor at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. With a strong passion for writing and journalism, she hopes to educate you every time you reach the end of one her many motivational articles!
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