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Astrology In The Palm Of Your Hand: The Pattern

With astrology basically ruling millennial culture, we’ve seen various stereotypes of the 12 different zodiac signs on social media. From Rude Astrology’s twitter to Sistersvillage’s Instagram, there have been numerous ways to learn more about yourself astrologically. One source that has helped me dig deeper (and frankly expose some of my deepest secrets) is The Pattern. 

The Pattern is an astrological mobile app which provides readings based on your natal birth chart. It is available on both the App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded, the app prompts you to key in your date and time of birth. This is essential, as it allows you to uncover important unique elements of your chart and reveal your patterns. Most astrology apps just display your birth chart with no explanation, and it can be hard to decipher a language that seems out of this world. However, this is where The Pattern differs. It uses a more linguistic and descriptive approach to allow you to understand yourself better. 

Once your profile is created and you’re on the page which reflects ‘Your Pattern,’ you are able to view the various patterns that make up who you are as a person.These patterns include characteristics such as ‘Unpredictable & Edgy’ and ‘Ideal Relationships.’ Upon clicking on a specific pattern, you are greeted with a short summary, but can choose to learn more by clicking the ‘Go Deeper’ option. Now, be forewarned. As you go deeper, The Pattern will expose your less than ideal characteristics and basically call you out. Therefore, I would mentally prepare yourself to be open to criticism from an app that seemingly knows you better than you do before tapping that ‘Go Deeper’ button. 

Now, when you go back to the ‘Your Pattern’ page, you will see two options with respect to timing: ‘Your Timing’ and ‘World Timing.’ These options basically reflect various cycles that are happening in your life and the world respectively and even indicate how long these cycles will last for. This could foretell major life changes that might happen in your life. The ‘World Timing’ section usually includes astrological events such as the infamous Mercury Retrograde. The only way to find out if it is true is to sit back and let life take its course!

Since millennials thrive on continuous connection with others, The Pattern comes with a social element. You can add friends on the app and view how similar or different you both are. You are also able to view the patterns they have and see if you share any of them. 

Looking deeper into the social element of The Pattern, you are able to view the romantic pattern of you and your partner once you’ve added them as a friend. You are prompted to click if the relationship is in the early stages or if it is committed and can then view the romantic patterns your relationship exhibits. You are also able to view the romantic timing you and your partner are currently in.

Now, The Pattern is not an app you should use as your sole reference to how you should live your life. It should be turned to to as merely a guide, but you’ll be surprised with what you uncover once you install it.

Krit is currently a senior majoring in English and Chemistry at UMKC. As the President and founder of UMKC’s chapter, she hopes her team will create content to inspire as many people as possible. Some of her favorite things include poetry, scented candles, and writing. In her spare time, she can be found taking a bubble bath with LUSH products, sipping too much coffee, and reading all about astrology.
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