All The Single Ladies, Now Put Your Hands Up

It’s February and we all know what that means, Valentine’s day is just around the corner. If you are not boo'd up this cuffing season and/or if you have friends spending the day with their significant other, do not worry. Valentine’s day can and should be all about you. After all, self-love is possibly the best kind of love out there. If you’re stumped on how to celebrate Valentine’s day, here are some ways you could show yourself and others some much-needed love.

1. Treat Yourself

You do not need someone to buy you chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, you can get any of these items for yourself. Self-love is essential. If you do not truly love yourself and embrace yourself for who you are, nobody else will. Treating yourself every now and then, even on Valentine’s day, sends a message that you value yourself. There are multiple ways to show yourself some self-love. Taking a warm bath with a face mask on, listening to Lana Del Rey and watching some of my guilty-pleasure shows (Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Bachelor) are some ways I show myself love.

2. Celebrate Love

You do not have to be in a relationship to celebrate love. There are various shows on Netflix with iconic on-screen couples. Also, a Netflix show definitely pairs well with a box of chocolates! Some of my favorite episodes from my favorite shows are Victor Victrola (Season 1 Episode 7) from Gossip Girl, Hang the DJ  (Season 4 Episode 4) from Black Mirror, Cooler (Season 2 Episode 15) from New Girl, The One with the Proposal: Part 2 (Season 6 Episode 25) from Friends and Niagara: Parts 1 and 2 (Season 6 Episodes 4 and 5) from The Office. The couples in these episodes had the most epic love stories of all time and will turn you into a hopeless romantic. By watching any of these episodes, you're definitely celebrating love (all in the comfort of your home).

3. Show Love To Others

A small act of kindness always goes a long way. There are multiple ways to show kindness to someone. You can gift your attention by setting time aside to spend it with some of the most important people in your life. Expressing gratitude by writing little thank-you notes for people who make life a little more enjoyable is another way to show love to others. You can also show a little love to a stranger by offering to buy a cup of coffee for the person who’s in line behind you. You never know what someone is going through and although buying a cup of coffee might seem like a small action, it might make someone’s day.

Valentine's day should not be the only day where you show yourself or others love. Taking a much-needed self-care spa day or letting a friend know how much you appreciate her by getting her a cup of coffee as she crams for her midterms are actions of love and are only some examples of ways love can be expressed daily. We could all use a little more love!