5 Songs About Growing Up That We Can All Relate To

Growing up is weird and scary. We never realize it’s happening until we wake up one day and have grown up feelings and grown-up things to do on our lists. Luckily, some of our favorite alternative musicians have produced music to make us feel less afraid. Listen closely to the lyrics of these songs as they detail the trials of growing up that we all have to face eventually.

1. “Turning Out” by AJR

AJR captured the confusing emotions behind growing up, figuring out love and the never-ending process that is “turning out” in this powerful song. Real life is nothing like the movies, and that’s exactly what AJR realized when they said, “I grew up on Disney, but this don’t feel like Disney.” Not to mention, this song is impossible not to scream-sing. Seriously, impossible.


2. “Ribs” by Lorde 

Ribs by Lorde is one of the most real songs that anybody feeling scared, overwhelmed or sad in the slightest about getting older will connect with. From the descriptive lyrics to the encapsulating music, to her enthralling voice, this song will reassure you that your fear about growing up is accompanied by everyone else’s.


3. “Ain’t it Fun” by Paramore

This upbeat song will have you dancing and singing along with Hayley Williams as she targets those people who seem to live life in their personal bubbles. Don’t worry, the real world will pop them sooner or later.


4. “Growing Pains” by COIN 

Ever find yourself confused, lost and in need of alone time? So has COIN. This catchy tune reminds everybody that there’s no rush in growing up and absolutely no shame in being utterly confused by love. We’ve all been there. “I’m young and I’m dumb. I’ll live and I’ll learn. Yeah, what’s the hurry now?”


5. “Portugal” by Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon is excellent at making music that perfectly depicts complicated emotions, and they do it so well that you can’t stop listening (or dancing). In “Portugal,” the band reveals that although everyone struggles with growing up, we don’t have to do it alone. They put it simply when they said, “Growing up is a heavy leaf to turn.”



As much as we wish upon the stars, growing up is inevitable. It’s a bit scary, uncomfortable and usually comes with a rude awakening. The comforting thing about it though, is that we all go through it, and there’s some pretty good music to add to the soundtrack of this chapter of our lives.